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How to Find All That You Need: Video Training

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

I was rollerblading the other day by the beach where I live and I saw a couple in their car looking for a place to park.

They had this sad but very determined look to keep on looking.

They had the vibe of being 'lookers'.

I saw them twice as I zipped through a few beach streets on my rollerblades - still looking.

And then I heard the message:

The more we are stuck in the vibe of "looking," the more the universe will give us more opportunities to keep "looking" instead of finding.

It was so interesting to get this message as I was rollerblading by them and 'read' their vibe.

You see some of us are never and rarely 'parking spot lookers'. We are confident that we find a spot to park every time, even when it doesn't make sense that we ought to find one. But we do every time and with ease.

It's as if for certain things, we assimilated and incarnated the vibe of being a finder every time.

And other times we just stayed stuck in the vibe of a 'looker'.

As I kept rollerblading near the water, I got more downloads as to when I am stuck in 'looking' for outcomes and what the vibe of a finder actually feels like instead.

While I have such strong 'finder's confidence for certain things in my life, like parking spots and fun places to live, laugh and meet friends, I still look for things in my house all the time! And perhaps you can relate to having certain things in your life where it's most definitely been easy to 'find' and other areas where you are still looking.

So today when I was doing it, I stopped diving into the vibration of being a 'looker' and instead put on the vibe of being a 'finder' and within seconds found the thing I was looking for in my house #timesaver

So next time you are deep in the vibe of being a looker...where did I put it? Where it is?, you stop, pause and instead feel that you already found it!

Get curious.

What would it feel like to have already found it?

Declare, affirm, decide, what I'm looking for, the thing I need, I have found it, I am there now!

Try it with your niche, your ideal clients, your ideal business coach, everything !

To your best decade ever!

Alixe K. Tracey

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