Name your Shame And Financial Blocks

Hey extraordinary woman! !

You know that feeling of guilt and shame after you've decided not to give another inch!?

If you're an over-giver, putting up boundaries and saying NO can feel horrible.

And if you're a mom, you know how hard it is to say no to our kids!

We would rather say yes when we mean no because we don't like conflict.

But we both know that does not allow the universe to fully support you because it's simply and absolutely living in fear.

I know it seems to come across as love, but deep down it's fear based.

Fear we won't be approved if we say no.

Fear we won't be safe or even in control unless we give and give and over fucking give.

And when we give out of fear, we call in 'monster/bitchy' mom.

Shame Cycles of Over Givers:

When we hang out for too long in giving mama mode at some point we automatically (and quite unexpectedly) will swing into full on monster mom (or you know, the resentful bitchy mom).

One will always manifest the other.

And the shame cycle starts all over again.