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How to get vibey with it 💃🏻 (clients, visibility, & love from Costa Rica)

When you have so little time to focus on your biz

How do you dive right in with focus and with winning energy

And not with



Fear of missing out?

Here's the thing: You Get To Choose Your Vibe!

New Video:

I'm so in love with this work!!

You get to feel into the vibes you wish to BE and ditch the stressful vibe, the 'no one cares' vibe, the identity that goes with it, gets to be shifted too!

This work has changed everything for me.

Learning how to find vibes,

recognize them,

name them,

allows me to release the ones I don't need,

and shift into the perfect one I need each moment.

it's been a gift of love and so much peace and productivity.

What if you could embody this part who is 100% badass, knows what she’s here to do, knows she’s capable and able to do this

And do it from a place of knowing, not from a place of doubting.

Because doubting is a vibe

Feeling bad asking for money is a vibe

Frustration is a vibe

How would you feel if you didn’t feel bad asking and receiving

If you were past the fear of rejection

If it didn’t matter

If the fear of rejection didn’t matter at all

Feeling loved and approved of is a vibe

Feeling safe is a vibe

Feeling frantic is a vibe

All of these vibes are chosen

Bought into

Plugged in

With your feelings

All are optional

None of them are required

They might feel familiar

They might have evidence to back up the claim of ‘the not enough vibe’

But none are permanent

Vibes shifts

And you can use it to your advantage and choose to live and breathe and embody the vibes that will serve you and your dreams and life

Certainty is a vibe

Confidence is a vibe

You can get used to those vibes

Choose them

Be them

You may have previously recoded and memorized vibes

From your mom or dad

Those vibes don’t belong to you anymore

They could be getting in the way.

Vibes turn into archetypes

The hustler is a vibe

The victim is a vibe

The wounded inner child is another

All of these vibes create identities with different habits

We are what we do

If what you’re doing isn’t what you want to be doing, there’s a part behind it, an archetype and a vibe.

This work changed my life

It took me from a very lost and wounded over-eater waitress and nanny to a very confident popular and high-paid healer for the past 15 years.

I haven’t stopped since. It’s been my full-time fun to travel, heal, teach, write, coach, and mentor women towards their freedom.

It’s been a fun and easy adventure leading with heart and intuition.

So let's vibe together and embody: People care and actually listen is a vibe.

People listen to you and care about what you have to say is a vibe.

Practice feeling into people caring about your message - leaving comments, sharing your posts.

Because... "no one cares" is a vibe

and often one we want to be right about...

People love buying from me is a vibe

Having focus and purpose is a vibe.

Feeling seen and heard is a vibe

What's your biggest takeaway?

What did you realize from watching the video?

Loved the video and affirmations? ❤️ Come give it some love on the socials - screenshot the ones you loved and tag me @alixektracey

You can also leave a comment below babe!


Alixe K. Tracey

FREEDOM Biz Mentor for Intuitive Entrepreneurs, Healers, Therapists.

PS: If you can find a time to chat, come book a complimentary Freedom Party to find your best vibe!

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