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How to get vibey with it ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป (clients, visibility, & love from Costa Rica)

When you have so little time to focus on your biz

How do you dive right in with focus and with winning energy

And not with



Fear of missing out?

Here's the thing: You Get To Choose Your Vibe!

New Video:

I'm so in love with this work!!

You get to feel into the vibes you wish to BE and ditch the stressful vibe, the 'no one cares' vibe, the identity that goes with it, gets to be shifted too!

This work has changed everything for me.

Learning how to find vibes,

recognize them,

name them,

allows me to release the ones I don't need,

and shift into the perfect one I need each moment.

it's been a gift of love and so much peace and productivity.

What if you could embody this part who is 100% badass, knows what sheโ€™s here to do, knows sheโ€™s capable and able to do this

And do it from a place of knowing, not from a place of doubting.

Because doubting is a vibe

Feeling bad asking for money is a vibe

Frustration is a vibe