Angels in Winter Wonderland

As I get to spend the holidays in this beautiful ski resort in Switzerland, I kept hearing to talk about Angels and more specifically Angel Therapy and Meditating with Angels.

So grab a cup of tea call the kittie cat over and let me tell you about my encounter with the angelic realm...and how working with angels actually helped me launch my business several times over regardless of how insignificant I felt, how unloveable I felt, or how 'not ready' I felt.

12 years ago I was consistently numbing my feelings with a lot of overeating.

I was hypersensitive to the energies in Los Angeles and one way to numb how much fear and pain I felt after losing my mom to breast cancer was to eat as much carbs and fat as I could. Not just a little bit - large, overwhelming meals. I would feel the fear of figuring life out and run to the closest store to numb the fear with a box of chocolate cookies, sandwiches and if that didn't do it, I'd go eat a burrito. Thankfully my angels were watching over me and helped me out. I always felt them around me. Even with the horrible shame and disgust, I felt after overeating yet again. I had felt guided by my mom also right after she passed from her long fight with cancer. But when my mind decided to make me believe I was unsafe, and I believed it, food would be the only medicine. It took many years of me thinking I didn't need any help. Thinking I could 'control' the eating, only to have more uncontrollable eating sprees. Just like an alcoholic with alcohol, I thought I could control my eating until it became clear I could not.

I finally healed doing one thing.

I gave up. I handed the big ball of mess that I was over to a divine source. Something I felt was a lot wiser and capable than I was at the time. I read and re-read a specific prayer every day and every night. I kept a spiritual book by my bedside and just kept affirming I couldn't do it alone, I needed help and I was willing to turn to a higher power for help.

What saved me?

Leaning more deeply into my sp