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Dream Biz Anxiety is a Messenger - here's how to listen (Video Training)

When you dream of starting your own business, travel to Europe and love your fit thinner body but feel BLOCKED in self sabotage, procrastination and anxiety - this is why!

And the recipe for success is in the video.

Would you consider yourself a good girl?

Most often obliging ?

I know. Me too.

So much that if a negative beliefs comes upon me, I'll agree with it!

But did you know?

success comes after we



a shit.

So join me to Lean into NOT caring as much anymore.

Channel your wild fun side

Stop giving a shit

Do you.

Be you.

What do you say?

I know the scared inner child is freaking out and you may start to crave chocolate or a much heavier numbing food.

But wait!

If these saboteurs can sneak into your head and heart and convince you that you should stop what you're doing to eat, clean or vaccum the house (again), let's plan a sneak attack on your archetypes right now!

I've got a 14 minute video I recorded live today (but you may have missed it so I wanted you to see it).

It will help you reclaim your THRONE as the leader and stop binge eating/tv watching in order to numb the pain of not living out your dream life!

There's always a scared archetype behind anxiety and procrastination and you have the power to turn that around.

Comment as you watch along with what resonated the most with you.

This is KEY.

Let me know which parts you are ready to call out! Because the recipe for success is in the video 💕☝️👑

Be ready to shift your thinking, and shift your life.

with all my love and so much magic,


Alixe Kathleen Tracey

The Archetype Healer

PS: why anxiety is a messenger and the real reason why you procrastinate.

14 minute exclusive training #replay either on IGTV here or inside the FB Group.

How I can help you!

> Apply to have Alixe look at your sabotaging archetypes and help you heal it at the root. >

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