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Pillar 1:

You have been on a journey. 

A journey for more freedom. 

More happiness. 

More truth. 

The journey has been long and 


and with the pandemic

even more heartbreaking. 

I want to save you time and heartache. 

If you've tried overgiving, and you're burning out

if you've tried people-pleasing and you've still felt not enough

if you've tried working yourself to death and your health is showing signs of stress

if you've tried dieting and still can't find your happy weight

it's been hard because you're going about it with a ton of opposition. 

The 2% part of you wants what you want. 

But a big 98% part inside does not. 

That part is what's keeping going around and around recreating the same old patterns of shame, failure, or not-enoughness. 

13 years ago I asked my guides during a meditation what I could do for the hundreds of women 

I had worked on as an intuitive energy healer. 

During a meditation I received the 5 Pillars of Happiness. 

It's become a map for my clients to go from anxious and triggered and stuck to free and happy and positive.


I've been teaching this map

and sharing this map for 13 years

so I'm pretty confident it will get you

the happiness and freedom you seek. 


This is for you if:

- You have a vision and want to quit a 9-5 but know it's better to get your mind and heart on board before you do -

- You're ready to bounce back and say goodbye to regret, shame, and guilt!!

- You know how the mind creates your reality and you'd like a map out of recreating the same blueprint over and over again

This is for you if you're ready to STOP:

- experiencing debilitating and paralyzing anxiety or other low vibes

- feeling there's no joy left in your life 

- blaming yourself or an ex for your weight, lack of success, or loneliness

The map is an energetic map encoded with 5 Pillars total. 

Each will help get your mind and heart behind your vision.

They are the ultimate way to get over yourself and take action. 

They are the 5 Pillars that get you out of sticky recurring feeling into a higher vibe and so you can write ideal outcomes and you can align with those ideal outcomes. 


Our words create our realities.

but it is our feelings that create our words and beliefs. 

this map is your way out of low sticky feelings into higher belief patterns that stick. 

Using this map once will help you tremendously. 

Using it consistently over 12 months will boost your energy level so you have more time and energy to spend with your kids and your loved ones, you'll feel more connected to your guides and angels, you'll feel more whole and complete. 

*(Disclaimer: if you have been diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety this is not an invitation to stop taking your medicine, you can join us and stay on your treatment and continue to be under the care of your doctor). 


Happy Map
Let the World See You Happy 

Since 2008 I have been reconnecting women to their intuition, repairing their broken wings so they could launch the business that was waiting inside them.

My digital courses and audios are your 'on the go' spiritual guides to remind you to look up and ask for help (and get out of the way so the universe can help you!)

For faster results, apply to have a 1:1 chat and see if my people can help your people make your dreams come true much (much) faster.


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Alixe K. Tracey

Your Best Decade Mentor

Official Bio:

Alixe K. Tracey helps female business leaders and visionaries to install flow, freedom, and financial profit to their organizations, projects, and lives.​

Using her psychic toolkit, she has reversed engineered success for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries by aligning their energy to execute their vision.

Her popular programs include her VIP Freedom Parties and Leaders! Get over Yourself and Let your Business Launch.

She was born in France, but grew up in Southern California, receiving her BA from UCLA and worked at UCLA's Institute of the Environment. She continued to work for non-profits in Los Angeles until she decided to pursue her ‘soul-powered’ career.

She became a very popular healer in Las Vegas (as Danielle Dove) becoming the top-earning teacher, leading retreats from Hawaii to Las Vegas and Paris, publishing meditation CDs sold all over the world, several fun illustrated ebooks, including her popular Earth Angels in Training.

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