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Welcome to Module 2_1 

time needed to complete: 5 minutes


> Recall moments in the past 24 hours where you have felt a/c/s and relive and feel having a/c/s as you journal out those moments.  


Download it to your desktop and your phone for repeat listening

time needed 15 minutes

Did you know? 

The 3 most common success blocks are

fear of lacking approval

fear of lacking safety

fear of lacking control


Those 3 fears (or wants) will take us off the Happy Map of creating our Best Decade Ever. 


In the coming modules, I'll show you how to clear these 3 blocks to manifest a financial goal (or a visibility goal) but before we can do that, let's show your mind you already have all 3 and no amount of success or failure or criticism could ever take those away. 

The universe is here to always keep those 3 jars (or vials) filled up 24/7. 

For 13 years, women in my circle have trained their intuition to do soul-aligning healing in order to manifest more abundance, joy, and freedom. It's not too late to have your best decade ever! ​

1:1 Complimentary 

Let's Kickstart Your Most Abundant Decade Ever

How to have your best decade yet even with the worst problems (abusive boss, burnout, debt, depression, divorce). There's nothing we can't fix! I'll give you a step-by-step blueprint to keep you on the receiving end of life's miracles. >

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Alixe K. Tracey

Your Best Decade Mentor

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