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Happy Map Pillar 1

2 minute intro video

You come home from work and feel too tired to do what you love?

Do you wish you had more energy

to focus on developing the business you do love

and eat healthier meals

and even give those yoga videos another go? 

You are so ready to feel lighter, freer, and happier? 

It's going to sound really simplistic, and yet, 'staying connected tall to the light' can be what sets the ball rolling for you. 

This is why I give you so many different MP3s to listen to throughout the day to stay tall and connected. 

Blast SuccessBlocks

Connect to the Light 1

Save these on your phones or save the link somewhere so you can access these on the go, anywhere, even at midnight if you need to fall asleep. 

Your Highest Archetype

Audio from a previous program so the order of things isn't the same but it's all coming for you in 2023.

Watch the Video Today

10 minute magnetic clearing

Let's keep your Cosmic Aquarium clean!

Get started with the Aura Brightener it's only 12 minutes!  

Ideally, you connect to the Light in the morning and stay tall and connected all day long.

Save these on your phones or save the link somewhere so you can access these on the go, anywhere, even at midnight if you need to fall asleep. 


Protect your Energy - Quantum Healing

Powerful ways to give your body more energy.

Obligers and over givers tend to give away their energy.

Here we seal cracks and close windows in your aura.

13 minutes.


We live in a beautiful aquarium. 

And no one ever taught us to connect vertically to the light, to make sure our 'filters' inside that aquarium stayed cleaned. 

Without a 'cleanish' aquarium, we can feel sluggish, 


scared and anxious (it is murky)

and really not magnetic. 

I mean that's when I would overeat because I already felt so low.  Might as well eat a bunch, you know? 

But here, today, right now, 

things can change. 

You can learn a proven method of connecting to the light, 

working with tall archangels and delegate more of your to do list to the universe

changing those filters of your aquarium, 

so your water becomes as crystal clear

as those waters in the Virgin Islands. ​

Let's get you tall and magnetic! 


You know you've successfully completed this first module if:
- you understand how to connect vertically

- how to call on the light and feel it come in

- how to root down into the earth

- you've downloaded audios to your phone for repeat listening for ever more energy and freedom

- you practiced pushing your energy out and growing your aura to be bigger than your home and the whole planet. 

Connecting vertically to the light is Pillar 1 of your Happy Map. 

It's the #1 pillar to go back to over and over again to transform and change in your favor any 3d reality that's painful and not what you desire. 

Let's keep going! 

Click NEXT > 

You did it! 

For 13 years, women in my circle have trained their intuition to do soul-aligning healing in order to manifest more abundance, joy, and freedom. It's not too late to have your best decade ever! ​

1:1 Complimentary 

Let's Kickstart Your Most Abundant Decade Ever

How to have your best decade yet even with the worst problems (abusive boss, burnout, debt, depression, divorce). There's nothing we can't fix! I'll give you a step-by-step blueprint to keep you on the receiving end of life's miracles. >

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Alixe K. Tracey

Your Best Decade Mentor

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