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Root Chakra Upgrade
for Safety + Receiving

Infusing SAFETY + ACCEPTANCE into your Root chakra, Belly, Heart, will help you soooo much with RECEIVING.

STAGNANT energy from the past will stop you from moving forward. Explore flexibility in allowing things to flow. 
Explore letting go and forgiving and growing. 

Move through these as you feel guided: 
- 60 minute energy healing session
- Root Chakra Clearing Album with shorter tracks for Maintenance
- 30 minute Clearing Disapproving of something you desire to change


Awakening Intuition and Root Chakra_Regressions

Meditation Album with 8 tracks 

With this meditation album (saved on your phone!) you'll be able to remove deep-seated energy blocks to receiving in your root chakra, hips, and knees. 


- Helps with receiving love and approval from the divine

- Fill up on positive energy when triggered

- Clear blockages to change in the hips and knees

- Connects you with the healing light of Archangel Raphael and Michael.

Your root chakra is the ultimate superpower to manifest and call things in, a valuable tool you'll need when you're ready to manifest anything, from a parking spot to an abundant new life. 

#bestdecadeever here we come! 

It was recorded and published under my spiritual name Danielle Dove. 


You know you've successfully completed this first module if:
- you understand how to connect vertically

- how to call on the light and feel it come in

- how to root down into the earth

- you've downloaded audios to your phone for repeat listening for ever more energy and freedom

- you practiced pushing your energy out and growing your aura to be bigger than your home and the whole planet. 

Connecting vertically to the light is Pillar 1 of your Happy Map. 

It's the #1 pillar to go back to over and over again to transform and change in your favor any 3d reality that's painful and not what you desire. 

Let's keep going! 

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You did it! 

For 13 years, women in my circle have trained their intuition to do soul-aligning healing in order to manifest more abundance, joy, and freedom. It's not too late to have your best decade ever! ​

1:1 Complimentary 

Let's Kickstart Your Most Abundant Decade Ever

How to have your best decade yet even with the worst problems (abusive boss, burnout, debt, depression, divorce). There's nothing we can't fix! I'll give you a step-by-step blueprint to keep you on the receiving end of life's miracles. >

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Alixe K. Tracey

Your Best Decade Mentor

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