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Becoming your Highest Archetype


> In this first meditation which of the 3 jars did you feel was the most 'empty' or 'broken' or 'hard to feel'? Which one was the most full and in overflow? 

> Why do you think that is? 

> When you think of that broken or missing jar (either the approval, control or safety one), could you go back to feel if you 'handed that jar to a parent to fill up but the experience didn't go so well? 

Or what other experiences before the age of 12 do you think happened that made it feel unfamiliar for you to now live your life with a filled-up approval jar, control jar, and safety jar? 


> Journal out memories where you felt hurt the person(s) could not and did not fill up that jar for you and you felt sad or angry or disappointed or hurt... process those emotions though using the inner child reparenting exercise. 

> Then release and forgive. 

No one could fill up your jars, only the universe can and still does every moment of every day.  You, as the adult-loving parent will now help your inner child understand that. 

> what do you need to say, write, heal in order to feel ok and complete with the fact that this parent or person could not and did not take care of your glass jar but that now you will live with them filled up at all times. 

Becoming your Highest Archetype

Journal Prompts 

Traveling with Headphones

Download links for offline repeat listening 

Audio Folder with MP3 and Download Links:

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Your 5 page PDF Guide 

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Great question! 

with the Healing Wheel and the energy healing you'll learn, you'll be able to think of a stressful situation and 'align' back to the vibe and the wisdom of your highest archetype. 


How to get started:

Use Audio 1 to keep feeling the feeling of having approval, and then control and then safety, and get used to the energetic signature of what that feels like. 

And when you are off that alignment, you'll notice it more quickly and use the Healing Wheel to bring you back. 

Over time, your 'come back rate' (the rate at which you let go and go back to remembering you are safe, loved and in control) will come back faster. 

Alixe K. Tracey

Your Freedom Stylist

Hi, I'm a Freedom Business Mentor - I reverse engineer success by aligning your energy to execute your vision.  I'm the founder of Get Over Yourself Blueprint™ :)

I teach female business owners how to successfully make the leap from their corporate jobs to their profitable, soulful job as leaders + visionaries.  


Using my psychic toolkit, I love to show women hungry for a change (and for more freedom), how to 'get over themselves and their blocks', and let their business launch finally.  


As a result of using the Get Over Yourself, Blueprint™ clients have gone on to launch their businesses with ease and transition out of a job without losing their shirts and their sanity.

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