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Success Call 1 

Freedom from the

'Mean' Mother Saboteur

 May 20, 2021

How to do a nonnegotiable with your subconscious archetypes.


The million-dollar golden nugget


Mom and daughter


Mom as a narcissist


Blowing up the previous island /reality


Reparent wounded inner child as a totally new mom


Now she’s safe to manifest


How to molecularly release 

the critical parent out of your cells forever. 

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Anchor 1

Success Call 2

Victim + Hustler

Elimination Session

May 27 2021

Group call 2

We dismantled the deeper archetypes and I explained why they are there.

I mentioned Rachel Hollis and how her hustler got her success but also is sabotaging it. 

I explained why the hustler vibe will always sabotage and keep women into victims. 

In the middle, I helped Alexandra talk and release her 14-year-old inner child. 

At the end of the call, I helped Mollie unbelieve deeply ingrained beliefs that came from her mom. 

What did you get out of this call? 

Share your thoughts and breakthroughs with us in the Whatsapp group. 

Is there an important tip or training inside this video I missed mentioning here? Please text it to me so I can add it in. 

Success Call 3 
Aligning with 
your Highest Offer
 June  3, 2021

Pricing and offers:

what it feels like to ask and be well received 

pricing your offers intuitively

aligned with the offer and aligned with receiving

If I love the offer, the price comes, the people come. 



anchor into the vision you have your desire - it’s here - you already have it - 

I have my desire,

it’s the feeling you want to cultivate

Energetic Portal

the "me" before who was shy -

can I ask for that much? 


Goddess Vibrant Being, who is totally ok stepping up and receiving. 


how to get past the fear of selling

you don’t want to feel like a car salesman

Instagram Stories

Talk about their pain

and the solution

CTA each post

Clearing Statement for Sales Magic

Use the power of your voice to 

delete heaviness around sales

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