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Divine Woman, 
welcome home. 


you must be a very special and gifted woman to have found your way here. 

the quantum field must have tickled you enough times that you decided, it was time for more expanding, healing and calibrating to the next evolution of you. 

I am so looking forward to meeting you during our upcoming live calls. 

Please book a chat with moi, Alixe Kathleen to say hi, I'm in! 

Please fill out the forms so I can know what you need individually. 

More information is coming your way for our gatherings and freedom parties. 

You'll soon be added to a very special Whatsapp group and have access to a whole lot of magic in your back pocket. 

Magic for your heart, your mind and your body as well as your business, offers, and receiving sequence ;) 

I can't wait to meet you. 

So much love, 

Alixe Kathleen. 

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