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Abundant Queen!

Here's your FREE Throat Chakra Healing - Listen to it before writing something for work or marketing, or listen to it when you wake up or before sleep to rewire your mind that your voice is magical and powerful beyond measure and you get to use it for good.  

This is a guided Angel Healing for the throat chakra.  Designed to help you remember your voice has infinite powers. Your voice matters. Your truth matters. What you say becomes real. If you've never let healing light come into one of your chakras to bring about a clearing and a 'repairing', just lean back, close your eyes, and hit play. You can't mess this up.  It is embedded with powerful crystal healing. If it's too woo-woo and unicorn for you, no worries, skip this and go to the next thing that feels right for you. Also ok to listen as you are on the go. 

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Wait don't go!

Your throat chakra can do so much more for you! 

Stop Searching for Answers.
Be Aligned with Instant Knowing. 
By using the power of your voice!

How to use your throat chakra to:

> smash anxiety pronto (and why it shows up just when you want to work on a project)

> give specific commands to your creative mind

> turn your wild ADD mind into a laser-focused machine

> Produce work that gets you to the finish line

> Manifest wins along the way 


> How speaking an invocation can protect your energy before and after meetings

> How to find and seal energy leakages and so much more!

The emails series will explain how I discovered this secret, and how to use it every day to have a much easier, flowing, abundant heart manifesting more fun and freedom. 

See you in your inbox magical fée. 

Your email is guarded by gold light and you can exit the party anytime. 

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Since 2008 I have been reconnecting women to their intuition, repairing their broken wings so they could launch the business that was waiting inside them.

My digital courses and audios are your 'on the go' spiritual guides to remind you to look up and ask for help (and get out of the way so the universe can help you!)

For faster results, apply to have a 1:1 chat and see if my people can help your people make your dreams come true much (much) faster.


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Alixe K. Tracey

Your Best Decade Mentor

Join us Live! 

- Thursday, May 6th - 5pm Paris / 11 AM NY



Or here:

And always here:


Official Bio:

Alixe K. Tracey helps female business leaders and visionaries to install flow, freedom, and financial profit to their organizations, projects, and lives.​

Using her psychic toolkit, she has reversed engineered success for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries by aligning their energy to execute their vision.

Her popular programs include her VIP Freedom Parties and Leaders! Get over Yourself and Let your Business Launch.

She was born in France, but grew up in Southern California, receiving her BA from UCLA and worked at UCLA's Institute of the Environment. She continued to work for non-profits in Los Angeles until she decided to pursue her ‘soul-powered’ career.

She became a very popular healer in Las Vegas (as Danielle Dove) becoming the top-earning teacher, leading retreats from Hawaii to Las Vegas and Paris, publishing meditation CDs sold all over the world, several fun illustrated ebooks, including her popular Earth Angels in Training.

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