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Star Bursting Envelope

Check your email for a link from 

Before work or after a toxic friend calls.... 

This aura brightener is your lint roller for sticky energies so you can come home feeling a bit more like your true self. 

Protect your Energy with your Voice

Ok, you can say this prayer and totally still binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix and have amazing Tantric sex - You still get to be human and no one will know ;) 
But the Drama Witch will know you've set a strong boundary and you are using your power to say NO more low vibe drama! 

Your Squeaky CleanAura

Simply put: listen to this 12 minutes a day and you'll just look and feel way hotter. 
Deconditioning your energy and beliefs from all that you picked up while growing up (that's not serving you today) begins with DIY energy clearing. 
Need I say more? 😎

Want to feel even more in control of your destiny?


Of course, you do!
More living IN Approval, IN Safety, and IN Control?
Let's get your powerful wings (re)activated because there's a pretty good chance the world's broken them down along the way. 
No worries, these 2 albums are your wings repair kit. 
Just hit play, and let the angels do the rest. 
mwa cd.jpg
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