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You weren't born to struggle. 

You weren't born to figure it out all on your own.

You learned you had to rely on yourself at such a young age because you didn't have a choice. 

We Bad Ass Female Entrepreneurs are so good at pushing through and taking on big projects fearlessly. 

It's our default to just figure it all out on our own because... it's natural for us

  • Not to rely on a man for money...and often we make as much or more than our man. 

  • We were raised by strong moms who taught us how to be even stronger. 

The only problem with that level of ultra independence my love is that it creates a very powerful 'hustler' and that hustler is highly allergic to ease and flow. 

I know for that tough hard-working little girl grew up and that was me until I realized how much my inner hustler repelled help from people and drove me to stay a struggling single mom. 

I discovered through my own work and with my very ambitious clients that we had an inner hustling queen which when we spoke to it, revealed its allergy to things happening with ease. 

The moment you do have things come to you with ease, it will magnetize just as quickly some form of self-sabotage. 

In the form of

  • physical pain

  • financial drama

  • or relationship drama

you name it, it shows up to make sure you stay strong and learn to be even stronger. 

how do you know if you have a strong inner hustler?

  • you can look back at things that have come to you with ease and see that something difficult came with it as well.

  • you get clients who say they can't afford your services or sign up only to cancel last minute. 

  • you get work but something hard comes with it as well and you wonder, why can't this be easier?

  • you are made redundant at work or are given and gladly take on extra work, staying later than others. 

  • your partner does not make any or enough money so you have to carry the load. 

  • you don't feel supported at home

  • you feel you have to do it all and carry the load because otherwise nobody else will

when you have extra money the inner hustler will get you to spend it.


It feels better when you are in debt and overdraft rather than in overflow. 

It's going to take a powerful boundary to tell this part of you to leave and let you enjoy ease and flow. 

Girl, it's time to create a new blueprint! 

My inner hustler came when I was 4 years old when it became really clear to me I couldn't let my guards down. 

While I had to be strong for my mom all week when my dad would finally pick me up on the weekend I realized I couldn't just have it easy. I still had to be this perfect polite little Parisian girl. 

I couldn't trust that HE would take care of me. 

He felt stressed and I felt scared. 

So my inner badass independent "I don't need anybody" hustling queen was born and it came to help me have a strong powerful backbone. 

Unfortunately, that hustler sabotaged ease and as a single mom, it was no fun to have it. 

So I created a powerful recording where we go back to 3 different times in your childhood to find the root cause and the reason for why that badass hustler is allergic to ease and we reframe the experience so it never has to sabotage ease and flow in your business or life again. 

Would you like to find out why? 

It will tell you exactly why it came and your inner child who has been feeling alone and hidden all these years will get a chance to come back and receive a powerful upgrade.


In fact, the hustler will be made redundant because now what you'll insist upon and what you'll know is that you are absolutely able to have ease and stay safe. 

You can have trust and safety and delegate to the universe and to life and most importantly, you'll teach yourself to keep your security and approval jars in the hands of the universe. 

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