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Hey there sis!

Yeah! 🍾

You got your certification  ✓

And now you’re wondering if you need a website and SEO to start having clients? 


You want to take the sober route of doing things as you were taught...

But there’s an inkling of:

Am I doing it right?

Is this how I should do it? 🧐

Maybe you’ve even picked your niche ✓

Got your FB Biz page ✓

Started telling your friend and family you're ready for clients ✓

And now they're asking you "how much for a session?"


It feels exciting and scary at the same time. 😅

How much is just right?

How much is too much? 

What if they think "it's too expensive?" 

Quick... you look up what others are charging... 

But it still feels like something's off.

What if no one comes?

Now another level of difficulty comes in

Your spouse and family are asking you:


How are you gonna have financial security and feel safe as a healer and therapist? 


Argh... quick you purchase a marketing course, try and do what you're learning only to feel even more confused and disconnected from the absolute reason why you started in the first place.  And it was not to become a marketing genius 😓

You maybe get some results but not enough to stop the questioners in your life  ( when does this get easier? It's starting to feel more like childbirth and less like Disneyland)


Have you found the right place!

I've been a full time healer since 2008 (yes 2008 that's not a typo) and haven't had to work anywhere else since. I've been living across the world, with clients in multiple time zones and continents whether I'm having a newborn, moving countries or spending 3 weeks in Costa Rica. 

And, I've passed on my magical client attraction system to many RTT sisters and healers who went on to have aligned amazing pay in full package dream clients.

Without FB ads

Without a website

Without SEO

Do I have your attention now ? 😆

In fact, getting a website and SEO will not help sell long term pay in full packages because ...


the clients who need that level of support most often don't find you or buy from a website or even go on it (when is the last time you bought something for thousands of dollars from a website without first talking to someone? )

Without a solid knowing of the industry and how to sell long term higher end packages, you will make some very common sales mistake most kind hearted intuitive women make in this industry.

But it's normal to doubt yourself at this point...

Be honest sis, are you starting to think:  

"If I am so nervous or unsure about my offer and how to market myself, am I even ready? Maybe I’m not ready yet…maybe I need to LEARN MORE??" (No you don't!) Not to start selling your packages. But the internal student archetype will keep you buying more courses because students love to learn but sadly they aren't a match for winning sales funnels.  

On good days you think maybe I need to find my niche or change niche. You write and rewrite your bio and about page.

On a bad day, you think it's all for nothing and no matter what I do it won't work anyway. 

Let me be your bad ass sis in shining armor - rescuing you from the learned helplessness gremlins! 

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Before working with Alixe inside her Made to Win program, I was selling sessions for less than $100. Now I sell 3-6 months packages and have had 2 five figure months.

Jenifer Freer 

Healer, Mentor, and Coach
Igniting earth angels to remember who they are ✨️

I’ve reverse engineered success for women across industries - and especially for my RTT sisters - and found the main pillars to heal and mold so being seen, heard and paid becomes a fun game you love to play, versus an absolute dread that’s making you question your decision to be a therapist in the first place.


Sales is first and foremost a heart issue - all sales is a heart issue.

People buy based on emotion not logic.

If you have heart in the game, and this is something you want to do for your lifetime, you’ll attract heart-led clients, the easy ones. Who are 80 % of the way there and get amazing results.


Not the annoying ones who wonder how much cost a session and then ghost you on social media 😓

I created an anti sales hopelessness program. 

Perfected it over years.

So you can attract the ones who are ready to go all in and work with you over a 3-6 months period. 


Yes there is a way to create that boundary energetically to be a match for it, and a way to attract those who will question you and your modality.


Before I go into the course... just remember: 

Being good at your craft

Came after months and perhaps years of experience and practice.


Being good at attracting clients and receiving payment is another dance all together, especially if you've never gotten paid more than a few hundred bucks as a therapist or healer.  And there is a short cut...

You are good enough for sales now, only you're battling with 2 identities (and perhaps a few more.)

One is... 

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While the other is most definitely thinking:
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Before the weekly calls with Alixe, I felt very overwhelmed about selling packages to my clients and procrastinating about everything!  I was struggling from lack of confidence, how do I create social media posts, to having the courage to create a Masterclass so I could get in front of them, and do what I actually loved to do.    As a result of her support, videos, and incredible tools, I am able to not only sell packages at a price I never imagined possible, I am having so much fun and ease posting on social, and without any prep recently hosted a Masterclass within 24 hours where I got a new client!  I feel more connected to my purpose, God, and the clients I love!


I would absolutely recommend working with Alixe because she understands personal trauma and struggle, as well as joy and ease - -she's turned her own life and business into a success. Her videos, ebooks, tools and groups of smart, spiritual, and supportive women are by far the best, most loving group I've ever been a part of, and I've worked with many coaches. 

Christina Woods

Hypnotherapist & Coach
Helping high-functioning women crush self-doubt and become unstoppable!

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Maybe you’re wondering if Made to Win, my 8 weeks mentoring program to Sell in your Power is right for you?

It's a very unique magical program.

It combines learning high end sales, healing money blocks and mentoring so if you need to implement a sales sequence I’ve recommended but find yourself stuck, this is where the healing and mentoring comes in pronto! It's like having a high end VIP sales coach in your back pocket for 8 weeks!

Made to Win covers the following pillars I’ve identified creates the fastest results and transformation:


- Spiritual Practices (simple and very effective) I have used to launch my career as a healer since 2008 (haven’t stopped since!). This is exactly what gave me the confidence I have had to vibe as an expert and I know you will feel immediate confidence right away with this. When you speak and write, you will feel so much safer to be seen.

It will strengthen your self trust and personal power - this is vital so you can create programs from your knowingness vs. your fears and doubts.

- Healing blocks in your receiving chakra (unique to each of us) along with any wobbly energy around your sense of safety, which includes healing lingering Fatherhood Wounds (which we also look around receiving money as well).

NOTE: We always attract more of what we already know how to feel, so I include a very powerful Healing Vortex for Wealth and Abundance so you stop going back to sticky recurring familiar fears of "I”m not safe…, I don't feel financially safe".

- Healing unworthiness and not enoughness in business and visibility - which includes looking at your Heart Chakra and any Motherhood wounds.

- Activating “I Belong, I Matter frequency”, which includes looking at your sacral and throat chakra and any sisterhood wounds (vital is you wish to work with women and not repel them unconsciously or manifest them but end up with difficult, painful clients).

- Wealth Frequency Sequence: this is my favorite part because it is so empowering to learn to manifest money regardless of what’s happening on the outside.

NOTE: Your income is not contingent on whether someone buys from you or not. Rather your income is a direct reflection on what you believe you can have this month, this year, right now. What you believe you can have determines how much you receive.

Please don't work on your website or SEO unless you feel solid receiving energy behind your strategy or the strategy won't work... I have an audio on this coming up this week in the Whatsapp Group.

How worthy we feel depends on how much we can allow ourselves to receive.

This is why we ping pong on manifesting money inside the course - along with manifesting your ideal niche, offer and sales sequence.

There are self guided RTT sessions included to stop going into the paradigm of the under-earning healer, or the over giver or the hustlter...

Now I am super intuitive so if you want to make 4-5 figures in a month but aren’t manifesting it, that’s where my energy clearing and psychic gift comes in. We have weekly calls.

You’ll still be empowered to have your own intuition in the matter, and develop personal power but I’ll be able to quickly recommend what to do to overcome the blocks.

This is why you’re encouraged to implement and manifest during the course so we can troubleshoot what’s in the way, together.

I honestly created the dream business and healing program combined.

Most will do one without the other. I decided to teach sales with the healing to implement the strategy because I know how fast the mind can open up to getting it done with the right pivots.

Plus a sisterhood to help you clear up the 3 fears of lacking approval / control / safety and manifest effortlessly.

Some courses are to learn, and others are to implement and get results. Mine combines both. I have been teaching these concepts for 15 years so I know they work when we work them.

I’m a freedom business mentor - A mentor has been through what you want and shows you how to reverse engineer it and have it... while a teacher just teaches you a course and concepts they may or may not have embodied and learned through experience.

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Pay in full bonus:
1 VIP RTT Session with Alixe. 

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Pay in full bonus:
1 VIP RTT Session with Alixe. 

Everyone whose success story you see here had some or a lot of Learned Helplessness due to a traumatic loss, divorce, childhood adversity.... including myself. 

If you resonate with one or more phases of L.H. then you'll be in good hands with Sell In Your Power and Made to Win. 

It includes somatic trauma work to release the fears and blocks. 

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DISCLAIMER: all testimonials are true and accurate to the best of our knowledge. Alixe K. Tracey (DBA of Victoire LLC) cannot guarantee financial gains by enrolling in this program. 

Learn more about L.H. 

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