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Sales Angel Immersion 

July 2021

Changing how you sell will change you as a person, it will change your heart. 

Did you know... 

You have the power in your heart, 

in your voice, 

to move people into their greatness during discovery calls. 

Discovery calls can become the most amazing and sacred part of your business. 

It can feed your soul and your heart. 

But just as relationships can be very beneficial or extremely toxic, discovery calls and how to lead during one, can either make or break your heart and your business. 

> discovery calls have been painful because you get very few so you are out of practice...


> and when you do get one, you end up over giving so much and when the person does not end up buying, it's heartbreaking. 

> when people ask for your price, you give it to them, instead of protecting your heart and your business first. 

> you feel bad afterward and take hours or days to recover and cringe when someone books another discovery call because now your mind associated those with rejection and not feeling good enough. 

What's wrong with me if they aren't buying? What am I doing wrong?

> Increasing your prices is terrifying because what if people don't get better?


Let me hold your hand as you invoke and calibrate to your Sales Angel Heart. 

Let me help you see both your gifts, the value of your time, knowledge, and most importantly your heart. 

You aren't doing anything wrong and you are significantly good and worthy. 


You are missing 3 things:

 - a script on how to lead someone through a sales conversation (there are 6 main parts to a discovery call you need to nail in order to make the moment when you share your price really easy)


If your discovery calls have not been converting it's because you probably are making one of the 12 mistakes most people make on those calls. 

 - you also are simply missing opportunities to pratice practice practice selling


 - and you don't know how to say your price without feeling like you want to puke...

(there's an art and a technique to get there.)  

But most importantly you need someone who knows how to set very firm energetic boundaries when it comes to her time and her worth, someone who can show you when you do so, nothing bad actually happens. 

Sister, Healer, Angel Heart, 

every sale you get increases your confidence that another one is coming. 

Like a snowball, all sales can lead to bigger sales. 

that means the time and energy you take to learn this process, the one I've used to sell since 2007 (before social media was even on our radar!) will pay you back for your lifetime.  

I won't ask you to sell a $10k package unless you want to.  But the system you will learn could sell big packages because it's the same one I use to do so. 

But today I couldn't sell 5 figure packages if I hadn't started selling them for $1500, which is where I started.  In 2015, I sold 12 women in my group program at $1500 each in 10 days.  

I was getting yeses every time I got on the phone with a woman. But it wasn't a fluke. It wasn't chance.

I know exactly what I did to 'call them in'. 

Then both times I ever quoted someone into a five-figure program, both said yes, one paid in full! 


I am opening up my heart this summer to show you how to do it for yourself both in July in the Sales Angel Immersion Course and the August course Feel Flow Receive. 

Your business will never look the same again. 

Lean into what it could be.... 

During 2 weeks in July, you will learn and practice in a safe space the art of selling from your feminine power, holding space, guiding someone to purchase a package for themselves. 

You won't feel like you're taking their money because they will feel so safe and elevated by the discussion you had when they signed up. 

You won't feel you manipulated them into signing up. 

With the 6 step process, I will share with you, they will feel elevated and inspired to sign up. 

Women feel empowered when they spend money on themselves.  It's a luxurious way to do self-care. And it has phenomenal results. 

And who says elevation says attraction. 

Attraction leads to greater abundance. 

A happy heart always manifests more. 

So by allowing them to sign up to work with you, they are aligning themselves for greater gains. 

I sold my first session in 2007 so I'm not new at this fun dance of selling healing and therapy. It's been my full-time career since then and I haven't stopped since. 

I manifest clients anytime I want to and anywhere I go because I calibrate my heart to call them in.  I did this before social media so you won't have to be good at tech. 

It works. 

It really works. 

You too have the power to call people into your calendar and book discovery calls with you.


A recent client in my group had zero discovery calls requests and after doing the work with me, she's waking up to emails and people are booking her and buying from her on the phone #salesmagic 

Sales can be horrifying and painful. 

They can mean rejection, feeling like a fraud, feeling like you can't sell high packages because what if they don't get results?

I want to protect you. 

I want to protect your heart. 

There is a way to create energetic boundaries so you inspire only the best clients to step up into their greatness, into their awakened CEO. 

Now I'll talk about the Sister Offer, my August Course called Feel Flow Receive. 

Because your vibe attracts your tribe. 

In August for 4 weeks, we work on your vibe, and your subconscious blocks to using the power of your voice, receiving money, success, and visiblity. 

We will also work on your feelings and we'll uncover the cause behind being an over-giver or why a part - any part - is blocking your sales. 

The early bird price ends June 23rd.

Special Early Bird

> repeat the training in September and December -  

The Sales Immersion begins July 5th. 

The Feel Flow Receive Success Queen begins early August for 4 weeks. 

Fast action bonus:

> voice healing retreat 

regression to heal the power of your voice

regression to heal imposter syndrome

regression to heal money receiving wounds

VIP 1:1 Crystal Love 

Add on 1:1 - business block hypnosis healing session + recording (3 hours)

VIP 1:1 Diamond Love 

(sold out, only 1 spot left)


all of the above + 

Add on 1:1 - business goddess retreat (4 hours)

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