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Over Givers: Is this you?

(Self Sacrificing Over Givers)

Hi beautiful!

I'm doing a bit of research on therapists as 'over givers' who self efface and can't get things done unless it's being asked of them.

This tends to be a success block as a certain level of success requires doing things for-profit and not always to give.

I have found this correlates with early childhood trauma or abandonment and shows up also as adult visibility anxiety and stress.

"We don't want to be seen" is a childhood motto for some of us...

If that resonates, JOIN THE FREE TRAINING AND SUPPORT CALL by signing up above and leave a comment below with any questions or if this resonates, let me know.

:) I love hearing from you.

Also because the over-giving obliging therapist is me too haha and it's easier for me to think about creating a solution when I know others can relate.

Thank you!

The world needs your love and light, not your sweat and tears.

To your freedom,


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