About me

Manifesting success after trauma and loss thanks to a higher power 

After hitting a low bottom with emotional overeating, I decided to hand the wheel of my life to a higher power in 2008 and I haven't stopped being a full-time intuitive healer/business mentor since, traveling the world and having a fun easy life. 

As a freedom business mentor, my superpower is being able to read energy and most importantly subconscious blocks to success in my clients. Using my success queen vip framework, the stay at home mom with a side business and the CEOs have been able to take their business to six figures and beyond. 

Within 2 years of making the decision to let go and let God, I wrote 5 ebooks (one certification manual) published 2 meditation albums, read and cleared hundreds of chakras for clients all over the world, and lead intuitive development retreats in Hawaii, the States, London, Switzerland, and France. Pretty much anywhere I went people found me and asked me to help them and work on their energy body. 

I developed my intuition after my mom passed away from cancer and I decided to stay connected with her spirit which made me extra sensitive to energies and thus developed all of my clairs. I received several certifications as well but honestly, it's prayer and meditation that allow me to do what I do.


It's the energy clearing tools I would like to send you via email so be sure to sign up to get regular updates. 

My email is intuition@alixektracey.com 

And you can join my FB group for regular live readings and more at: fb.com/groups/alixektracey 

You can work with me 1:1 in my Success VIP 3 months package, or in my course, Success Queen Bootcamp an 8-week full immersion course. 

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