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But so does feeling like someone who can’t succeed. 

Over and over again. 

I was heart broken.

He was sleeping outside on the cold cement with shoes far too small for him so he cut the front out and his feet would stick out.

I asked him to give me his shoe size and I would come back with proper shoes.

He was a young tall beautiful man, he was full of potential.

But his home was outside downtown Las Vegas and all I could do for him that day was hand him a sandwich. 

He said to go away.

"I don’t want anyone’s help."

Learned helplessness believes no one and nothing can help me

I can’t trust them.

I can only rely on myself and I don’t even know how to help myself.

Now the young homeless man is one extreme example but the biology of helplessness is essentially rooted in the same ecosystem of beliefs. 


The 3 phases of learned helplessness are: 

phase 1.png

So in 2020, I set out to answer this simple question:


If emotions become who we are, repeated over time,

if, according to the research and book by Dr. Joe Dispenza, we have cellularly memorized I can’t so powerfully that we now became "addicted" to feeling loss, and I can’t, and no one can help me...

If our cells can memorize ‘helplessness’...

Surely our cells can also memorize I can and I am capable and it’s possible for things to work out for me. 

It's possible to re-wire our neuro pathways to look for evidence I was made to win. 

If winning is a confident vibe that knows no bound, whose ever present, as present as the sticky recurring feeling of I can't, then...


We can tune into the frequency of winners.

And copy their frequency. 


I create Made to Win with a comprehensive mind, body, spirit approach for the woman who knows she's made to win but feels a consistent block to success. 


The body holds memorized sticky recurring emotions.

It has trauma un-attached to time but very much attached to pictures and events which could still be floating memories in your mind today.  We don’t know who or what could trigger your post trauma only we know that something or someone will.  Being prepared with a toolkit so you can pivot back to a higher state of awareness, focus and love without fear. 


We take care of that within the first two weeks and I pass on a toolkit to continue processing out trauma throughout our work together (you’ll be given access to online platforms and it takes 10-20 minutes a day to get the body stronger to old the vision you desire for yourself.). 


The mind is made up of identities and ecosystems of beliefs that have agendas:


The mom has the agenda to keep you busy doing mom things while the entrepreneur wants to launch, the two together can create absolute frustration, back and forth and a lot of time wasting in personal self conflict.

We become the sum of our daily habits.

If you wish to achieve outcomes in business or life, it starts with identity and the ecosystem of beliefs.

We do this work during 1:1 sessions and you will be able to continue the work when you need to do it for yourself. 


The spirit is the intuition, it’s the internal divine woman who feels pulled by a vision and a desire that can hold the void of ‘not knowing how’. The spirit is our dreamer, she’s the energy that makes it all make sense.  We do energy work to ensure you don't burn out and release the 3 fears of lacking approval, control or safety to sharpen you self trust and to listen to your intuition. 


Without intuition, we don’t have meaning or purpose or direction. 


Inside this boutique 1:1 Made to Win program, you’ll understand how your desires are your destiny. 

And how to carry yourself out of fears so you can have greater access to this strong confident woman. 

This woman in you wants freedom but she also wants to be a mom and a sister and a healer and all the things. I have taught women how to hold all identities which creates incredible results. 


This is just a small summary of the vast work I do with women. 

If you have any more questions, book a call here:

Inside Made to Win

You'll also join our small + intimate

Ping Pong Sisterhood

to practice a very powerful

somatic & 

manifesting exercise

to call in ideal clients

and allow money to flow

into your business. 

(it's super easy to do on the go

and it keeps you open to receiving)

presentation made to win.png

Once your nervous system is ready to call in clients, you'll also receive a powerful sales training which is very unique and something I developed over years of selling high end packages.  


It is a full sales training program

for hypnotherapy sisters + healers. 

IiNVgimTceji71mwkuyg_sell in your power 2023.webp

Once you feel solid and past learned helplessness, you may find you would like

to renew your package. 

We start with your Quantum Queen

Roadmap (described below) 

made to win video special.jpeg

In Round 2 of Made to Win

we focus further on 

- your messaging

- brand

- ideal client avatar

- your copywriting

- product suite

- your mastermind

and the ideal organic marketing strategies,

while also continuing to heal 

any internal parts scared

of your up level. 

These parts live in the subconscious mind and come up to avoid growth or change.


Payment Information:

The price for this private package is $6,555. It includes: 

- 12 private 1-1 (60-90 minutes) 3 are RTT so usually 2 hours for those. 

- daily whatsapp support

- access to the ping pong sisterhood + whatsapp group

- access to current or upcoming courses to deepen the marketing or energetic work.

- access to relevant online modules to support our 1:1 works

- journals and worksheets

and everything mentioned above depending if this is your first or second round :) 

Most clients keep going with me for about a year or more because they see such amazing results. 

You have the option of making a full payment via Zelle and save $222

or on Stripe, monthly or in full. 

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