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Hey there!

Do you want to be at your absolute best?

For your kiddos?



Stay healthy + strong ?🧘‍♀️

look & feel much younger?

and all the above? 😆


I hear you!❤️


It starts with connecting vertically to feel the divine lift you up

and it will feel like your cells are absorbing light

like that feeling of being thirsty and drinking cold water after a hot day.

you might get that same vibe here when you surrender and lean back to receive the full download of these prayers and pillars.


{prayer} & {meditation} is our way back to our home, our heart, and all that we want to call in.


Check your email this week for more updates on the 5 Pillars of Happiness. 




PS: If you've seen the results my clients get working with me, they learn to work through their intuition and clair-sentience to 'call things in'.  


If you'd like to explore your intuition with us, scroll below for some options. 

This aura brightener is your lint roller for sticky energies so you can come home feeling a bit more like your true self. 

Meditating with Angels is an album I recorded back in 2010.
It is like coming home to a place you always knew was there but couldn't find.
It's a place no gps can take you to
because only your heart and intuition can sense it.


Your throat chakra has the power to script outcomes into being. If you'd like to use your voice more consistently via video, writing, emailing... I have a mini course on the power of your Voice so DM me VOICE  on the socials (@AlixeKTracey) and I'll send you the link. 

If you loved the above tracks and feel guided to explore more, one option is to join us  inside my Sisterhood: Sisters who plan together win together! 

Come and join us and receive


  • ✨Your Energy Toolkit: 10 powerful energy boosting meditations. 

  • ✨my planner party! To plan tomorrow today (the only planner to use
    neuroscience, intuition and nervous system regulation exercises) 

  •  ✨a monthly energy reading live with a healing 

  • ✨ weekly support inside our group

    and some more surprises!  

DM me the word PLANNER and I'll get you in 1/2 off the regular price :)  $44 instead of $88 

and if you're not sure what you need next, just DM me NEXT STEP and I'll be happy to chat with you and help you figure it out! xo

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