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You are so much more powerful than you realize.

The world out there is only trying to keep making you feel not enough. 

But you know it's bullshit.


Inside you lies this incredible capacity to generate so much life force that you could actually tap into it to give 

you all the energy you need. 

It's how I have been able to manifest a life of ease and freedom, 

even as a single mom, 

as an orphan, 

as a trauma survivor, 

as a divorce, 

and a recovered bulimic. 

It's what keeps me and 

many of my clients, younger,  happier, freer, 

and richer. 

I call it 'the light'. 

It loves you. 

It believes in you. 

It's always there to guide you. 

And all you gotta do to feel it is to connect with it and pull it into your space using your heart and your other handy dandy chakras. 

We were all born with chakras. 

It's time you got to know them. 

And learn to clear them yourself. 

I have taught this process to everyone from children to grandparents. Everyone can meditate with the light. And the results are amazing! 

Like a fish inside an aquarium, 

if you are not keeping your energy flowing

above you and all around you

it can feel like you're living inside a dirty aquarium. 

All of my meditations help you

channel high vibrational love and light

into every cell

and every organ, 

and into your chakras. 

I'll be sending you a sample of a few meditations. 

Some to fall asleep, others to clear the crown chakra or the root chakra (very useful for abundance) and so much more. 

See you in your inbox, 

and in your bed, 

as you gently, softly drift off to a higher vibe. 


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I started working with the angelic realm in 2008 and realized connecting to the light, vertically, could reduce stress and anxiety, would increase intuitive awareness, and would release dense emotional blocks. 

A happier woman with a happier vibe is always better at calling things into her life. 

I channeled this aura brightener when I was actively teaching intuition development courses in Las Vegas and in Europe. 

Save it on your phone and use it for repeat trips up and through the cleansing white light. 

Alixe Kathleen Tracey

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