Got 30 minutes to receive a little something something on energy clearing for business growth and profit? 

It has led to massive outcomes for many from CEOs to Healers so learn this fun and simple practice to re-access a lot more of your intuition every day. A day when you are guided clearly is such a great day isn't? 

Are Sales Stalling?

Let's pinpoint the root cause

Energy Business Reading

1 hour


I haven't met a business owner or a healer with big goals who wasn't inadvertently sabotaging growth and profits.  I can quickly pinpoint in a few minutes if your body opens up to growth and profit or closes down and if it closes down then I'll let you know how to prevent that from happening and thus be more open to receive through your business. These readings are complimentary (but limited!) Apply below so I can read for you and see how to best get you more positive outcomes! 

What People Say

Our business profits have more than doubled in one year and we’ll double again in 2018. She helped me clear things when I couldn’t clear them myself and has taught me simple, 5min techniques to use in the shower, on the go, welcome abundance even more. I highly recommend Alixe if you want to become more in tune with the Universe, yourself and your powers.

Jill Murwin

CEO of

Alixe K. Tracey

Energy Healer for Growth and Profit

11+ Years of Professional Experience.

Alixe K. Tracey shows women hungry for a change how to successfully make the leap from an unfulfilling job and life to create profitable, joyful businesses all by using energy healing and clearing out their 3 main fears in life and business. 


Using her unique ability to read energies, chakras and subconscious blocks, she has reversed engineered success for CEOs, business leaders and visionaries in many fields by aligning their energy to embrace and manifest their visions. 


As a result of using her energy clearing toolkit, women  (and men!) have launched with ease, flow and profit without losing their shirt, sanity or smile. 


(Alixe K. Tracey was previously known and working as Danielle Dove, a spiritual name she used for 7 years). 

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