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Yes! You're in sister! Welcome to a sisterhood of therapists who chose to exponentially improve their business and mood by clearing their energy, meditating, and connecting to the light. 

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Stop Feeling Heavy, Start Feeling Free

Powerfully Energy Clear your 7 Major Chakras, hips and knees for greater ease, flow and freedom

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Meditating with Angels

Chakra Clearing Album 

7 Tracks - 7 Chakras - 60 Minutes

Will fuel up your heart with golden sparks next time you want to leap with high energy and flow.   You'll shine brightly, feel more connected to earth and heaven. 


Congratulations on signing up for the Aura Brightener!!!

You made a smart move by signing up to receive the Aura Brightener. If you want to feel less sensitive to other people's energies and emotions (even your own at times), that 12-minute aura brightener is great to have handy on your phone whenever you need a listen.  At night, in the morning, in traffic, anywhere you need to feel more confident and return to your sense of 'tallness'. 

But you may want take things further.  

Now that you have a tool to get you from blocked to intuitive and you're also going to need to - deep clear stress out of one of the most important chakra to STOP overgiving and undercharging.  Now, this offer is NOT for everyone.  I'm only making it available to you because you are interested in changing your life by changing your energy, which tells me you're ready for a very special solution. 

So I'm going to make you a special, one-time offer that's only available here. What I would like to share with you is a meditation album that you can use to clear out energy blocks to receiving out of your abundance chakra. I don't have time to go into why it works so well for we would be here for hours, but one of the strategies that will give you the results you're looking for is the deep cleaning of your root chakra, hips, and knees - THE ULTIMATE FOUNDATION for receiving with ease and flow. 

After 5 years of being on the market, her flat finally sells in 2 months:

When Parvine came to me, she had been trying to sell her flat for 5 years! She was told to lower her price but decided to stick to her original asking price and after 6-8 weeks of meditating with angels and clearing her aura and root chakra, one woman showed up who loved her apartment and absolutely had to have it no matter the price. 

It was not selling for 5 years and now?  Done in under 2 months with energy clearing. 

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have finally cleared the roots - the very filters allowing more Love, Energy, and Abundance... into your life without having to push and work hard? 

Within days of clearing her root chakra, Anna from the UK received unexpected funds right away, totalling around $3,500. 

Personally, I have used some form of energy clearing for my root chakra to attract all that I have ever needed and I have been very happy with the results.  When I moved with my 1 year old, I found the apartment and the support I needed. When I need clients, I can call them in using my root chakra and my heart chakra. And I'd like to give you the same energy clearing that's helped me since starting out as a therapist 13 years ago. 

It works wherever you are in life and whatever you need to call forward - as long as you do it regularly.  

So click the button below right now to order Danielle Dove's Root Chakra Awakening and the 7 Chakra clearing Angel Guided Meditation CD. 


I guarantee it will help deep clear stress out of your root chakra or I'll cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked. When you act now, you'll also receive a 30 Minute Video Training on The Root Chakra and the Type of Meditation that Could Save Your Life (worth $29.99), for FREE. 

Root Chakra Awakening is available on my website for $34.99. 

But right now, you have this ONE CHANCE to get it for only $16.  

This one-time offer is only available as a thank you for subscribing. 

Now that you can remove energies from your aura, don't miss your chance to also increase your chance of abundance, ease, and flow in your life faster and easier than ever.  

Click the button below and I'll see you on the other side.


Alixe K. Tracey

AKA Danielle Dove

(The spiritual name I received when I started my journey as a spiritual energy healer). 

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Uplifting Angelic Guidance

"This is such an amazing CD! I have experienced Alixe's live meditations and this is just as magical and healing. My life has changed tremendously in the past year, creating much uncertainty that really affected my first chakra with much fear. As I rebuild my foundation, this Root Chakra Meditation really helped to connect me back with Love, Mother Earth, and the Safety of the Angels and Spirit. Thank you Alixe for your uplifting Angelic guidance and light!

Chritina Amb. Las Vegas NV USA

There's never a time like the present to give yourself a ... present ;)

$16 each or 

$24.99 for both

  • Get better sleep than you ever have before

  • Cleans up rooms of low energies even when you aren't there

  • Helps you feel more connected all day long

  • Cleans up chakras of adults, children and even pets

BONUS: 30 Minute Video Training on The Root Chakra and the Type of Meditation that Could Save Your Life (worth $29.99), for FREE. 


  Secure Order Form - 100% Protected and Safe


If you are unhappy for absolutely ANY reason at all you will get a full refund within 24 hours..

"Couldn't be happier with my purchase"

I wanted to let you know that I bought your meditation cd and I have never listened to a meditation quite like yours. I felt like I had taken a trip to heaven for an hour! It was amazing and I cannot wait to listen to it everyday! 

- Ann Z, Santa Barbara, CA 

Root Chakra Clearing Album

8 Tracks - 60 Minutes.

Will also help balance the right/left side when it comes to creativity and productivity and goals. 

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