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I want to see you win. 

You were made to win, win in your finances, win in your relationships, win with your desires. 


And I want to see you win with the least amount of sabotage and sweat as possible. 

Because the world needs your love and light, divine woman! 

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...being told to delay your flight to NY at a spiritual conference and a week later (because you listened to the divine guidance) meeting this handsome man at his premiere on the red carpet…

While Jolie waited!!!

HOW does something like this even happen???

Divine freaking intervention.

And there's an actual step - by - step system to have Quantum Leaps in how fast and how often our friends, the Divine angels and guides show up and make life easier for you too! 

Who is The Divine Woman: 

The divine woman

Who is she?

What is she about?
How can she be so confident

So flowing

So easily in the flow

With so much coming to her?

Because she knows

with every fiber of her being

down to her cellular make up

that she's destined for more

and she can receive more, 


This is for you....

It’s for the woman who knows there’s more to life than she's allowing herself to receive, who is exhausted by her 3D earth life, she feels very tired, over giving and definitely not loving herself or receiving enough. 

She’s meant for more, she’s got spirit moving through her, but she has felt too tied to every day responsibility to really lift off.


The angels want to help her, it’s a course where we hold the intention to look up. Absolutely look up. 

You'll master the simple tools to uncover the Divine Woman.

Channeling the Divine Woman into her life, 

And all of her Heavenly Helpers

more and more every day. 



What's the Result ? 

She's the boss of her emotions, of her heart, of her mind, not the other way around. 

When she feels lonely, 

she knows how to find the root, repair the illusion of lack and wakes up out of Maya. 

When she feels sad, she knows how to find the source, reparent herself and turn it around within minutes. 


When she feels hurt or cheated on, she knows it's all happening for her, so she finds answers and solutions quickly. 

She changes within so the outer world reflects who she is becoming. 

A divine woman, takes what she gets and turns it into gold. 

When her bike gets a flat tire on the way to meet friends down in Costa Rica, and the phone doesn't work and she's lost and she has to walk in the heat, she listens for guidance... 

Should I still go meet my friends?
no, she hears. 

Go swim in the river, 

then keep on walking.


She lands at an hostel by the beach and meets this beautiful human

and goes on to have one of the best weeks of her life with him in Costa Rica. 

mark and vic.HEIC

Mark is the one who took the picture of the Divine Woman in Uvita that night we met.  How random is that! I mean, you can't plan those moments, they happen when we are willing to tune into something greater than all of us. 

Have you been feeling the call? 

What if the divine woman has been waiting inside you to have center stage, to help make your life feel more like, the real you? 

This is absolutely for the woman who is doing it all, the routines, the over giving, the kids, the home... and she's exhausted and wants a break, wants angels to help. She wants to spend more time becoming the Divine Woman. 

If she did it, so can I! 

Meiling, a mom with a salary, had an unexpected six figure bonus + more ease with money after using the exact same step-by-step system and spiritual tools I'm going to share with you inside The Divine Woman. 

meiling win.jpeg
Jill Magical Powers.png


...feeling guided to stop working and head to the spa instead (because you've been working too hard as CEO), and while you're there, because you stepped out of the office, you meet some lovely clients?

That's what happened to Jill for her business (Chasing Atlas). 


Can life really get easier?

You manifest every moment of every day based on who you think you are and who you were told you were. 

So often we were told who we are not


Divine, is most definitely who we are


Our deepest most sticky conditioning*

hides behind our most persistent recurring feelings.

So in Divine here's what we will do together. 

Divine Woman

Module 1: 

Solutions are High

when Emotions are Low

In this first week, we focus on where you are still 'holding on' trying to fix 'the broken sink' yourself.  We do a deep heart chakra clearing and connect you to the Light to activate your Genius. 

Coding your cells and your mind how to pivot to a more released, flowing safety feeling. 

This is the part where we energetically decondition old patterns to allow more room for The Divine Woman. 

You'll learn how to create your very own Safety + Approval Incubators for life. 

What if I have a lot of anxiety and ptsd? 

Yes you'll have access to a method to help you with PTSD and Trauma if the root of wanting control is embedded in trauma which it most often is. 

I'll show you how to pivot out of a low sticky recurring mood and feeling using my Happy Map System, my Healing Wheel and the 3 Jars Method. 

Robert Richman .jpg

"Alixe (Danielle Dove) is the real thing. I have worked with a lot of healers and she is very clearly connected. Alixe (Danielle Dove) is not only able to connect with angels and guides, she also clearly explains the process and ... I have had great results in a very short period of time working with her. " 

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 2.03.08 PM.png

(Danielle Dove is the spiritual name Alixe used for 7 years from 2009-2016)

Module 2:

From Looker to Finder

Embody the vibe of the Finder

and stop looking. 

(Read this post for more details) 

Jill recommendation.png

Module 3

Your 1.0 and 2.0 

Identity & Archetype

Freedom Party

It's not that you have an intuition problem. 

You have an identity block. 

One of your archetype does not want the 2.0 YOU - the Intuitive Divine Woman, 

or the Artist, or the CEO, the Healer, to come forward. 

The victim, the hustler, the over giver want to keep living out their blueprint of making life difficult for you otherwise, well...they are out of a job. 

So week 3, you are introduced to your archetypes and you learn how to have Self Knowledge like you never have before. 

You'll meet the inner children that feel anxious around visibility and growth. 

And any other parts in the way of your goal.  

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 2.13.56 PM.png

Week 4: 

(Coming up) 

Divine will teach you how to recognize when you’re caught in sticky recurring patterns

How to free yourself from it

How to elevate out of it.

And so often our sticky recurring feelings are not even our own, but someone else. 

The gift of Clair-Sentience

I felt his sadness

I felt his loneliness

It makes me move towards him


Ask questions

I feel the fatigue

I feel the energy so I can get curious


We feel

Because we can heal

What we feel


Our sensitivity is a gift.

It might feel like a heavy burden:

  • When you come home feeling exhausted

  • When you take on everything from friends and family

  • When you don’t know what to do with how sensitive you feel

But once you know how to use your clair-sentience (clear feeling) you’ll make your life into something extraordinary, and everyone around you will feel absolutely alive. 


Divine will start with processing out low sticky recurring feelings. 

I'll show you how to use my healing wheel to turn things around from feeling heavy and '3D' back to feeling unlimited and free in minutes. 

How we feel


Turns into a prayer

An energetic prayer for more of the same.

Tools for the Divine Woman

Bonus #1:

sacred spaces ebook.jpeg

Super charge your intuitive abilities with spiritual rituals that amplify high vibrations. 
The higher the vibes in your home or while you're traveling, the easier you'll be able to tune into 'truths' and have clear visions for where your life is meant to go. 

Bonus #2: Voice, Visibility and Sales  

VVS 4 Video Series.png

This is probably the first and last time I'm going to be offering these bonuses because of the way the Divine Woman is set up, when you have access to those modules you also have access to the training videos I did on how to go about setting up a high end package, name it, sell it and how to do it on or off the phone (worth $2,222).


Very valuable content to finally sell packages to ideal clients.  

So far it's had 99% success rate for RTT sisters and healers. 

Bonus #3: Blast Through Success Blocks

archetype success magic vibe.png

Which one of your subconscious archetypes are in the way of your success with ease?
You'll find out so quickly and easily in this course. 

Also included, worth $2,222

Bonus #4:

Copy of Copy of intuition 1 (6).png
Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 3.02.36 PM.png

Natalie Ryan Hebert, PMDD Rent Tent and RTT practitioner

Recurring 5 figure months + Everything Came True!!! 

I worked with Alixe last year and I enjoyed every moment of our time together. I now consider her a friend.

Along with helping me with a massive bout of imposter syndrome which had me paralysed she also helped me to move through some blocks to receiving.

This was what I wrote as my wish before our work together:

  • "I would like to double my current income.

  • This allows me to afford one day off a week.

  • This allows me to afford a beautiful Tesla car, renovations on our house,

  • it allows us to build an outdoor wellness area in our garden with a hot tub, sauna and cold plunge bath/shower with decking.

  • It allows us to travel to Australia once a year if we want to, to enjoy lovely weekends away.

  • It allows me to put more away into my pension each month knowing I have plenty to retire on. It allows me to care for myself".

​Well… here I am less than a year later and EVERYTHING on that list has come true.
Alixe is intuitive and such a peaceful presence. She is naturally gifted for this work and has come through so much in her own journey developing many skills as a healer and therapist along the way.

I highly recommend Alixe to anyone looking to move through ceilings to success in business.


4 weeks - full immersion.

Replays available right away.

Whatsapp sisterhood.

an online hub - with trainings and videos

Roll your investment towards Divine Business where you can learn my sales system to sell packages. 

But first learn to imprint the matrix with it now. 

The divine Woman.JPG

About Alixe (Danielle Dove)

vic rock 2013.jpeg

Alixe (Danielle Dove), B.A., is a certified angel therapist practitioner®, intuitive healer and co-founded with Spirit Healing Dove Therapy.  As a channel for the angelic realm, she uses her clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognizant abilities to heal and restore her client’s chakras and belief system within the mind, all with the assistance of ascended masters and archangels. She reads soul blueprints, Akashic records and trance channel messages from Archangel Jophiel and other guides to awaken her brothers and sisters to their own blissful, divine missions.

She is originally from the South of France, where she grew up on a farm with all kinds of fun animals, including horses, ducks, pigs and cows. She moved to Southern California when she was 13 and earned her Bachelor from UCLA in Environmental Studies and Geography.


Due to 3 losses of her family members at a very young age, her curiosity for the mystical world and energy healing intensified and with curiosity came many answers. Through training and many years of practice, she has become a talented healer and teacher.


She released her first chakra clearing meditation Cd, Meditating with Angels in 2010, her certification manual in 2011 and another meditation album in 2012.  She currently lives in Las Vegas, the South of France and possibly soon Costa Rica with her son Hayden, two awesome cats and a lot of love. 

Her philosophy for life is to LOVE ALL, and SHINE BRIGHTLY.

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