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Abundant Queen! Ready to Heal your Throat Chakra

and grow an audience who loves

every word you speak? 

Yes! ? Let's do it! 

Your voice is a muscle, here’s how you can restrengthen it

1. Start by saying I Am and other powerful invocations (Voice Healing 1 below) 

2. Speak prayer and invocations (coming up in Voice Healing 3)

3. And finally go through the voice clearing below 18 minutes 

Signs of a throat chakra block:

* you get nervous around speaking your truth

* you’ve worked for a boss who never listened to your ideas

* at family diners you don’t feel seen or heard or company events

* you have memories of feeling bad for things you said

* you want to speak your truth but keep deleting it because it doesn’t feel safe to

* you start and stop writing your book posts or emails.

Voice Clearing + Activation 

In this video:

> Support your energy level with Aura Healing. 

> Call your energy back from draining people and situations

> Grow your vibe taller to rise above daily problems 

> Get your voice back by deleting heavy energies

For 'middle of the night insomnia',

For Monday morning motivation,

for more self-love, 

let's boost your energy with the powers of Angels and more

Download my Root Chakra Healing Meditation Album

Aura Brightener

Wait there's more!

Here are 5 more Masterclasses on Voice Healing. 

How to use your throat chakra to:

> smash anxiety pronto (and why it shows up just when you want to work on a project)

> give specific commands to your creative mind

> turn your wild ADD mind into a laser-focused machine

> Produce work that gets you to the finish line

> Manifest wins along the way 


> How speaking an invocation can protect your energy before and after meetings

> How to find and seal energy leakages and so much more!

The emails series will explain how I discovered this secret, and how to use it every day to have a much easier, flowing, abundant heart manifesting more fun and freedom. 

See you in your inbox magical fée. 

Voice Healing 1


Claiming your voice and your essence back!

Ignite your chakras using the power of your voice speaking IAm

Evaporating anything anyone ever said about you that does not serve you canceled and deleted

Voice Healing 2

Productivity booster

How to shift from feeling anxious to laser-focused

Learn to use powerful words to give your mind instructions

This is a shortcut to connecting when triggered and getting what you desire instead.

Voice Healing 3

Clearing all the reasons why you don’t have it yet!

I jammed about all things manifesting and the power of the mind to align your energy with what you desire.

We worked through my favorite exercise to clear the mind’s oppositions - the parts that don’t want you to get what you desire.

Trust me

If your mind was on board with your desires, it would already be in your life.

the ultimate saboteur is the mind

Voice Healing 4

Invocation to protect your energy

All things useful for empaths to know

How and why you may have become an Empath

And more ways to keep your saboteurs closer so they stop blocking you (and how a critical concerned parent can turn into a saboteur)

Videos go down in a week! Watch the replays quick!

And then they’ll be bonuses for my Voice Flow ecourse

Voice Healing 5

Voice Flow Workshop + 

Group Hypnosis 



When the video goes 'black' at 16: 40, skip ahead to 20:40  into it. 

The internet had gotten disconnected. 

1-40 Mns

Discover the  3 Major Blocks in your Voice Flow 40-minute presentation. 

40 Mns - 1H:50Mns

The Group Regression Begins. ​

*a lot can be processed in a group hypnosis

Understanding = Freedom

Treat this regression as powerful as you would a 1:1. 

Please fill out this quick 3-minute survey.​

Since 2008 I have been reconnecting women to their intuition, repairing their broken wings so they could launch the business that was waiting inside them.

My digital courses and audios are your 'on the go' spiritual guides to remind you to look up and ask for help (and get out of the way so the universe can help you!)

For faster results, apply to have a 1:1 chat and see if my people can help your people make your dreams come true much (much) faster.


alixe round.png

Alixe K. Tracey

Your Best Decade Mentor

Official Bio:

Alixe K. Tracey helps female business leaders and visionaries to install flow, freedom, and financial profit to their organizations, projects, and lives.​

Using her psychic toolkit, she has reversed engineered success for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries by aligning their energy to execute their vision.

Her popular programs include her VIP Freedom Parties and Leaders! Get over Yourself and Let your Business Launch.

She was born in France, but grew up in Southern California, receiving her BA from UCLA and worked at UCLA's Institute of the Environment. She continued to work for non-profits in Los Angeles until she decided to pursue her ‘soul-powered’ career.

She became a very popular healer in Las Vegas (as Danielle Dove) becoming the top-earning teacher, leading retreats from Hawaii to Las Vegas and Paris, publishing meditation CDs sold all over the world, several fun illustrated ebooks, including her popular Earth Angels in Training.

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