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Welcome to Module 2.3 

Releasing the Fear of Lacking Control

Let's ALIGN you with feeling

calm and in control! 

Note: I recorded these videos a few years back so you'll see me guide you to release the want for control/safety/approval, differently. You can use the images below to help you release (have you felt love/approval in the last 24 hours...etc). 

You could clear wanting to control your weight,

your morning routine, your spouse, child, yourself...anything.

It frees up so much energy to allow for the sitation to change and fix itself.  


After you've released on a person/situation, 

how do you feel? More positive?

What are some positive statements coming to you now about the situation? 

This work is about letting go and moving into acceptance. 

These are the first 2 pillars of happness I received in 2010 to empower women. 

Letting go can be doing a ping pong session, tapping, journaling, praying. 

success blocks alixektracey
Copy of Happy Father's Day! (7).png
Healing Wheel Retreat

Congrats! You did it! 

> You learned to clear wanting control/fear of lacking control

> You can practice it before getting on a sales call with a potential client

> You are letting go of the draining and costly 'wanting' energy 

> And instead of choosing to live in the vibe of "I have" 

> You went around the Healing Wheel

> Now > Go back to clear on anyone else that came to mind on your list.

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