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What if...

Opportunity has come knocking! ✨

✓ The perfect client booked a discovery call.

✓ The podcast called.

✓ The summit reached out.

✓ The dream client DMed.

Straight from vision board to real life!

The only thing?


Instead of feeling totally bad ass, you feel total inner chaos. 😓

Anxiety, sweat and what if I’m a fraud ? 

Where is that confident back bone? You know, the one who set this dream into motion? 


The more you think about what you should say, the less confident you feel and the louder the doubts and the worries. 

It’s getting worse, not better.


Ok stop. 

Back it up.


It’s normal for your nervous system to freak out at the idea of major visibility.

It’s normal to manifest something you put on your vision board…but not feel safe when it actually does.

That’s because the woman who asked to manifest the podcast and the woman who is bringing her A game to the podcast interview are two very different identities.

One is....

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While the other is most definitely thinking:
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Which identity wins? 

The one who has the most experience.

And in moments of stress, the one who wins is the one we’ve known and been the most.


So it’s not an anxiety or a confidence problem my love.

It’s an identity problem.

Coupled with a sticky recurring memorized emotion and some wounded scared inner parts (both  of which we clear up inside Made to Win - Sell In Your Power). 

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Now I know what you're thinking:

Alixe how do I feel confident in my business ?? 

Do I need more healing?

I've already done so much! 

I don't want to do another 8 weeks of healing and subconscious work?

I would not suggest that.


Not even.

You don't need to heal this part who is scared about visibility and using her voice.

The part could be the Mother Archetype,

the Wife Archetype, the student who doesn't want to be an expert yet, the freedom lover whose scared to lose her freedom...  

the wounded inner child... and so many more and

all will convince you: 

"it's all for nothing.

No one will care,  you can 't do this..."

Once you know this is just a part - not the whole you. 

You now have space to pivot from her to the 2.0 identity who lives to be seen and loves to be heard


Imagine the power you have when you get to decide whose driving the Porsche home?

(The Porsche being your brilliant mind.)

It’s time to stop expecting the wrong identity to get it done for you. She can't.

She'll get you to clean the house before she lets you get anything done.

So if there’s not TONS of healing…how does this work?

During the first 2 weeks of Made to Win - Sell in Your Power we focus on your energy and sticky recurring emotions which we trigger based on the business visions you have for yourself.


By the end of the 8 weeks mentorship program you will know the difference between embodying the finder vs the looker:

So if you want to FIND your niche ( and stop being stuck looking for it...)

If you Want to HAVE a five figure month instead of feeling stuck Wanting it?

Sell 3 packages this month?

You'll find the exact blocks within minutes. 

You'll use my somatic self inquiry technique (I call Ping Ponging) to make sure the archetypes are out of the way and you have the energy to create, and "Launch Aligned" because...

When emotions are low, solutions  are high. 

You'll pivot from
"I can't...I'm not worthy...I don't know how"

to: "I can" and "I know how".

Because getting stuck in trying to figure it out is one vibe...and being a KNOWER is another. 

You'll learn how to ping pong like a queen and "call in" what you desire. 

What about the selling part?
Yes that's my jam 100%. We have 12 live calls in 6 weeks where we focus on your offer and the practical steps to attract and maintain high caliber clients. 

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So if there’s not TONS of healing…how does this work?

Together we check how much availability you have to hold this new identity who has already achieved the dreams and goals. 

She's nailed down her niche and started doing discovery calls to sell her high end packages. 

How is your body holding up?

Is there resistance?

Push back?

Archetypes taking back the wheel driving you into procrastination land instead of the winner lane?

I got you.

From there, we grow your energy to be so much bigger than all the resistance, accept the ideal end in mind (as if it’s already happened) and voila, the quantum field brings it to you and you just collapsed 2 years of waiting into just a few months (and usually even less).

The more evidence you find that being seen is to be loved, that selling packages can happen with ease, that calling in clients works... the more your results compound.


Is it time anchor the magic of your next vibe inside an amazing sisterhood who is compounding gains month after month?

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Pay in full bonus:
1 VIP RTT Session with Alixe. 

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Pay in full bonus:
1 VIP RTT Session with Alixe. 

Everyone whose success story you see here had some or a lot of Learned Helplessness due to a traumatic loss, divorce, childhood adversity.... including myself. 

If you resonate with one or more phases of L.H. then you'll be in good hands with Sell In Your Power and Made to Win. 

It includes somatic trauma work to release the fears and blocks. 

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Learn more about L.H. 

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