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Cue: It's all about the vibes,

about the vibes 💃🏻 🎶


When you have so little time to focus on your biz

How do you dive right in with focus and with winning vibes to align with the most amount of clients possible right now? 

And not with

Procrastination and Confusion

and "I don't know what I'm doing"?

Here's the thing: You Get To Choose Your Vibe!

when we don't have the time to figure it out

we call on the light, 

we ask angels for guidance, 

we make it happen because we must. 

With little time

we choose not to buy into the vibes

that are sticky and recurring

like doubting and not enoughness

and "no one cares about me" crap

we pivot

we choose again

and instead, we chose to vibe with the energy of 








God and 


Helping us every step of the way

to make the dream

the vision

come true with ease

Let's get those sales and the vibes that match it. 

Daily Voxer / Whatsapp Support

to fill up your practice

with amazing clients. 

See below or contact me on the social @AlixeKTracey


Receive your vibey toolkit +

How Meetup can boost your local and online business (if you're a healer, RTT practitioner, and more)  

and other high vibey hypnotic meditations. 

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Woman on her Phone

Your messages are so helpful!!

-- Client Christina 

Hard to get going in the morning?
Hard to focus?
Which vibe do you need to pivot towards in order to achieve your goals today?


You can do it all ....alone, but together, we go further, we go faster. 

Receive personalized voicemails on voxer or whatsapp every day. 

Channeled answers + supportive worksheets to pivot out of a low vibe, back into your zone of genius. Let's get those sales and the vibes that match it. 

Why? It's my jam, what I love to do, laser-focused coaching and answers....

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