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Congrats babe! 

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t's not easy to decide and declare: Yes I'm ready to do something about my health/body conundrum!

GBased on previous experiences, and how hard it's been for you, you could have some very normal feelings and beliefs that it's going to be hard, so what's the point? 

I've heard from many of you who lost the 20 lbs but then got injured physically or emotionally let down and the weight quickly came back. 

As if the 'cloak' of protection comes back far too quickly and it was all for nothing, right?

I remember those days and honestly, they can be behind you once and for all. 


The thing is our mind is the #1 reason why our body regains weight or lets us down.

Instead of going after things to work out and buy that expensive bike machine or hire a coach, think about using the intelligence already living in your mind and your cells to help you be at a level of health you never have to worry about again. 

I know I'm asking a lot to step back onto a path where you could try again, I know how exhausting and scary it can feel to eat out of control, to decide that tomorrow I will do better only to fall once again and hate my body. 


It's actually when we worry less and become more authentically ourselves that our health and our body lightens up and stay feeling and looking lighter. 

I know how hard it is to even think about getting in shape. 

I remember all too well how horrifically painful my body was. Overweight and heavy, a true source of sluggish, miserable energy.

I would avoid going out to eat because I was so afraid of losing control and feel horrible for days on end. 

I'm an open book when it comes to my struggles with food and overeating so ask away if you need to otherwise, this event coming up will mostly be to give you a space to open up, share about the struggle, and find long-lasting solutions. 

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and to get the audios I'm going to make to help you achieve your health goals in 2022. 

Dancing & singing affirmations included :) 

Because having FUN is the best way to rewire your beautiful mind to accept your new beautiful habits. 

Sign up especially so you can get your questions answered on how you can get your body to cooperate and heal and release all the unwanted energy, weight, or heaviness you may be feeling. 

The audios will be focused on rewiring your mind to accept the new YOU with the beautiful habits of drinking more water, having more vegan meals, walking more, and much more... so they all feel good!


Achieving your body goals is going to feel so much easier once your mind is on board with your new habits. 

Let's go! 


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Official Bio:

Alixe K. Tracey helps female business leaders and visionaries to install flow, freedom, and financial profit to their organizations, projects, and lives.

Using her psychic toolkit, she has reversed engineered success for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries by aligning their energy to execute their vision.

Her popular programs include her VIP Freedom Parties and Leaders! Get over Yourself and Let your Business Launch.

She was born in France, but grew up in Southern California, receiving her BA from UCLA and worked at UCLA's Institute of the Environment.  She continued to work for non-profits in Los Angeles until she decided to pursue her ‘soul-powered’ career.


She became a very popular healer in Las Vegas (as Danielle Dove) becoming the top-earning teacher, leading retreats from Hawaii to Las Vegas and Paris, publishing meditation CDs sold all over the world, several fun illustrated ebooks, including her popular Earth Angels in Training. 

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