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illustraite teh problem 

run it through compasion and love

would you like visibility to feel pleasurable?

exciting?something you look forward to?

You'd be so happy to get up early and ride the wave of motivation, 

you'd be aligned with the most fit for you offer, 

which had the words that carried it through you

you'd write emails in minutes

and could go off to spend nourishing quality time with your friends and family

you'd stop worrying over your offers

and whether you'd make money

because you'd have sent the emails and talked about your offers 

perhaps before teh kids even woke up

you'd post in the groups where your expertise was needed

and there would be this invisble muse

that kept inspiriting you with new ideas

to email this person

do a FB live on this topic

pitch your ideas to that person

and go in someone's podcast

would you like spirit to come through you in your business (visiblity) and using yoru voice.

I hav been letting spirit use me as a guide and channel and Id' love to help you do the same. 

the old version of you who worried and fretted over every word is long gone

that old version of you who felt so anious about what she looked liked and felt like

who never felt good enough to receive has been buried in the backyard. 

not even your backyard

some distant cousin's backyard. 

she's gone. 

because now you'd be aligned.  

without the saboteurs, the resistance and the fears

that writing and having Voice Flow would be just natural, sexy, easy, flowy, fun. 

you'd finally feel abundant and have a life that matches that level of abundance.

would you like that life?
i know you've seen it already. 

I now you've had visions of this woman who is happy in her career

who receives graciously

who loves to be visible because she knows visibility = service

she's kicked to the curb this previous version of herself who was

desperate for love and attention

who craved to be seen and feel validated

that woman is long gone

you've replaced her with a very confident, magnetic woman

who sells with confidence

who shares who she is with confidence

who emails with confidences

and thus who sales with confidence and flow


your niche picked you

you didn't chase it dow

you showed up and it becase very clear to you

your words come through you

you don't chase words

sales pages write themselves

your full time job was worry, fear, anxiety, fear of judgment and what people thought about you

now your full time job is to show up authentically, listen for guidance and align 

keep aligning with your desires and free your heart and mind of any blocks


like you'd plug a hair off you rchin


you've got the tool and it's a done deal

i'm the tweezer so you can shine without those annoying hairs on your chin or upper lip

or we can keep playing hide and seek with your success. 

but that's only fun for so long and you're ready to have your best decade ever!

you deserve it! you over giver ;) 

show them how to get out

give them a way to experience it so they can 

choose a desire relevant to their survival 

customers want to know where you can take them. 

tell them how great their lives could be using your product

offering a vision if they engate with your offer

opening and closing a story gap

drives human desire

describe something our customer wants - define it

and feature it in the copy

paid down our customer's ambition down to a single focus

story gap: consequences of not having it 

the cost of not using our tools in our hero's journey

focus on one simple desire 

the more we talk about our customer's problems 

and the ones they experience the more they will be interested in our brand 

what she wants to write with flow

to create aligned content

to be visible and use her voice 

to speak about what she does 

Module 1 

Meeting your Visibility Saboteurs 


"I allow myself to be seen, I allow myself to use my voice!!"

In this first module, you'll learn how to find and name your own personal saboteurs who don’t want you to write, speak or share your gifts with the world. 


1. You'll know how to trigger dormant saboteurs on purpose.

2. Name and identify your own sabotaging archetypes

3. Turn your saboteurs into your biggest supporters. 

4. heal personal history around being judged or criticized 

5. permanently delete lifelong fears of using your voice

you'll meet with your two oppostie archetypes
"You’ll finally understand why you haven’t been able to have success with your offers. 

As long as the thought of writing or being visibility 

feels painful and scary 

because you could be judged and rejected

 you’ll always feel blocked sharing your gifts with the world. 


There will always be another saboteur

to protect you from rejection or judgment. 

you don't have flow because you have resitance

resistance in the form of saboteurs (archetypes)

Module 2

Meeting your Receiving Saboteurs 


Your receiving saboteurs are your well-meaning archetypes. 

They feel not good enough to receive.

The good girl feels bothered by your money goals.

it's that voice that says: but who are we to get that. 

It's too much. 

We can't be seen for doing this, people will think we are full of ourselves. 

it's the catholic good girl who is afraid of coming across as too much

The Mother archetype does not want you to make money in case it gets in the way of your  kids well being. 

there are also the wounded inner children, the lost child, the good girl, the one who over gives, the ones who feel bothered by your aspiration for visibility and success, the catholic girl, we will also learn to see them, name them and ‘negotiate’ with them. 

what they need are reparenting, upgrades and promises. 

How to identify an inner child blocking your growth and receiving abundance. 

How to Reparent and upgrade a wounded inner child quickly before you want to work on something so you don’t feel blocked. You can do this on the go, I did before I gave a talk at a woman’s conference and landed some high-end clients that very week. 

air tapping (quantum healing), trauma healing work. 

how to work with the light and an inner child 

Module 3

Get rid of saboteurs forever

Proof that you are safe and you’ve been safe, diffuses the archetype, it no longer has a job. 

Render your saboteur jobless

The 3 things a sabotaging ‘part’ (sub-personality or archetype) wants to protect you from losing is approval, control and safety. 

You’ll upgrade these saboteurs and show them you already have all 3 using my 3 jar analogy that works in seconds. 

understand these fears get in the way of Voice Flow, means you'll be able to pinpoint it sunday night, shift quickly to a higher truer alignemnt and write from that higher vibe without the anxiety and fear. 

journal out that you’ve got it

you'll learn how to use Happy map to make their voices a non issue in your creative process. Aligning with abundance and flow

UPlevel your flow and intuition 

You and the divine before we dive into your business

Letting go of Attachment

10th step inventory 

Your Happy Map for consistent up-leveling! 

Energetic Stamina 

bouncing back up after a low road map - your happy map 


You and the divine before we dive into your business

the best kind of business is the one that’s come to you and won’t leave you alone

Elevator to the light - the universe loves you 

Cosmic Spa 

business divine 

let’s be honest: we get all of our questions answered

how to get all of your questions answers, be in the flow 

is to also name and release attachments and resistance. 

the divine / matrix / universe is so intelligent

it will wake you up with root causes and you can feel into things and get answers. 

your intuition on super drive 

how to reconnec tto All That Is to be guided every step of the way 

Module 4

Your business and the divine 

Alignment for What to Name your Courses, Offers, 1:1s, 

First you get in the flow, then the words come. 

if you don’t feel good about the offer, the offer won’t feel good to anyone else. 

can you trust that all you gotta do to sell an offer is to feel good about it?
to love it 100%? without any lurking oppositions hiding in the shadows?

we will trigger more saboteurs by claiming and declaring you big bright shining business goals and from there we will use the same system that’s worked all along every time to make their blocks a thin nothing. 

align with  her, set up fb live, you set up days and times to speak with her. 

Aligned writing posting showing up

Scripting helps you align. 

doing all the above aligns you with the ideal name, course, words. 

intentional creating

my process of how I channel my courses, books and more. 

first you get aligned, second the words flow. 

First you get in the flow, then the words come. 

if you don’t feel good about the offer, the offer won’t feel good to anyone else. 

can you trust that all you gotta do to sell an offer is to feel good about it?
to love it 100%? without any lurking oppositions hiding in the shadows?

we will trigger more saboteurs by claiming and declaring you big bright shining business goals and from there we will use the same system that’s worked all along every time to make their blocks a thin nothing. 

Module 5

Level 1:

Exercise your voice

guided meditation, 



clearing statement 

how to flow write a post

how to flow write an email

how to speak to your avatar with ease

how to pick her (module 5)


Business Goddess Retreat module 6, 7, 8

keep going with goals and visibility and scripting 

putting it all together for 3 weeks of business coaching. 

we'll keep triggering dormant saboteurs

with visibility and receiving goals (yes money!) 

and keep running through steps 1-5 for your business goals. 

We will do this for 3 weeks of business alignment (you can opt-out of this if it's not current for you).


using the tools to allow your niche to come to you and find you *yes easier is always best. 

to help you be more visible (there's a strategy for it)

to help you name and price your offer 

Module 6 - 8

bonus 1 

current toxic and triggering relationships you can't get out of

current painful situations / relationships and why they repeat themselves (so relationships and your voice) 

daily feeling journal would be about someone 

outer relationships are mirror for internal archetypes that need to be released. 


afraid of what other people will say clearing 

afraid of what your family will think. 

bonus 2

 energy healing and strenghteneing for empaths

daily feeling journal 

for empaths to feel less sensitive 

energy detox 

bonus 3:

powerful affirmations to call in your ideal clients

affirming scripts to launch an offer with FB live as if it's already happened. 

scripts to help know your niche and let it come to you. 

Since 2008 I have been reconnecting women to their intuition, repairing their broken wings so they could launch the business that was waiting inside them.

My digital courses and audios are your 'on the go' spiritual guides to remind you to look up and ask for help (and get out of the way so the universe can help you!)

For faster results, apply to have a 1:1 chat and see if my people can help your people make your dreams come true much (much) faster.


alixe round.png

Alixe K. Tracey

Your Best Decade Mentor

Official Bio:

Alixe K. Tracey helps female business leaders and visionaries to install flow, freedom, and financial profit to their organizations, projects, and lives.​

Using her psychic toolkit, she has reversed engineered success for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries by aligning their energy to execute their vision.

Her popular programs include her VIP Freedom Parties and Leaders! Get over Yourself and Let your Business Launch.

She was born in France, but grew up in Southern California, receiving her BA from UCLA and worked at UCLA's Institute of the Environment. She continued to work for non-profits in Los Angeles until she decided to pursue her ‘soul-powered’ career.

She became a very popular healer in Las Vegas (as Danielle Dove) becoming the top-earning teacher, leading retreats from Hawaii to Las Vegas and Paris, publishing meditation CDs sold all over the world, several fun illustrated ebooks, including her popular Earth Angels in Training.

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