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"Blast through Anxiety"

with the 3 Jars Meditation 

Decrease Anxiety, Align with Abundance

when you think anyone outside of yourself is going to fill up your 3 jars, that's when pain and suffering begins. 


no one and nothing can fill up your 3 jars better than the universe can. 

It is its job to make sure your 3 jars are filled at all times. 

Want to know what those are?

your approval jar

your security jar

and your calm cool control jar. 

if you let go and let God decide who or what fills those up, you can say goodbye to toxic relationships, under earning, hiding, feeling scared to ask for what you want and down right struggling. 

  • Boost Focus with the 3 Jars Meditation and Presentation


    ​In this one hou workshop, you'll learn how to  Add this ONE KEY habit to get your mind on board with your goals and Stop fatigue and overwhelm and procrastination so you can make tangible progress quickly. ​

    You'll receive these BONUSES:

    • A High Vibe guided energy healing meditation to call back your 3 jars from toxic and draining people or problems. 

    • A high vibe recording to knock out anxiety 

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About your host, Alixe Kathleen Tracey

As a Success Block Buster and my 13th year in business as an energy healer and business psychic, I work 1:1 with badass spiritual business women to find and fire the deep roots of their success sabotages quickly and efficiently using a framework that's been proven with hundreds of women over a decade. 

I currently live in the South of France with my son Hayden and our 3 egg-laying hens we got before the quarantine. We live near the beach, where I love catching sunrises and sunsets and practicing yoga and meditation.

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