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The Divine Woman

In business, She doesn't do 3D unless she's done 5D. 


"I don't look for clients. 

It’s never even occurred to me

I always decided I’m a healer

And from who I was, I attracted a match"

there’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing an RTT sister sell a pay in full package!


then she says;

"you told us it was going to be this easy and it went exactly as you said.

she just paid in full

she gave me her credit card over the phone

and she’s a dream client!

I can’t believe it."


They don’t call me a fairy god mother for nothing. 

that scenario above is true not for one, but multiple RTT sisters. 

But they had to ditch their human limitations and claim their divine womanhood, 

are you next? 

I want to see you win. 

You were made to win, win in your finances, win in your relationships, win with your desires. 

And I want to see you win with the least amount of sabotage and sweat as possible. 

Because the world needs your love and light, divine woman! 

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Welcome to the 5 D Sisterhood! Let's use our Magic! 
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I receive through my throat chakra

Some receive through other chakras*

You know if I’m being verbal

Leaving my clients long voice notes

Recording, posting and making videos

I’m aligned and solid

I’m ready to receive clients

And they’ll feel ready to invest

So much of our results depends on our availability to receive - not the other way around

If I’m being totally transparent it took some work to get there after my break up.

The “I don’t want to receive “ vibes can linger for years.

After loss. After shame. After trauma.

So babe. How are you feeling ?

Are you feeling solid inside to receive?

In your heart? Throat? Core?

Or are things a bit wet spaghetti wobbly?

To be honest, at every new level there’s wobbly.

When a budding therapist or coach gets started, it’s wobbly.

They think they need to go through the looking phase before they can have clients.

So they Look for their niche

Look for the best website

They look for clients

In my 15 years as a healer I have never looked for clients

It’s never even occurred to me

I always decided I’m a healer

And from who I was, I attracted a match

But at every new level I’ve had to expand my inner capacity to receive.

> Is my energy wobbly because It’s spread thin in mom responsibilities over giving to my kiddo and family?

> Is it scattered in trying to figure out what to do to have something I’ve never had but I think my mind somehow has the answer (this time)

>Is it grounded in faith and positivity? Nope because I first must see evidence this is going to work.

Growth can feel like being stuck inside a barrel, in the dark on an island with crazy Jack Sparrow running next to you, maybe on your side

But probably not 

And the worst part?

It’s normalized

What are you doing?

Just looking.

Looking for what?

You know… looking for my clients

Looking for my niche

Just looking 👀

I was rollerblading a bit ago and saw a couple drive around from one parking to the next in looker mode

They were looking for parking

I asked my guides why I always found parking when I came here so easily and quickly while they were stuck in looking

And I heard

That’s because you’re a finder not a looker

They get in their car knowing and feeling they’re going to have to look so the universe gives them opportunities to be a looker

And not finders

It was so true

You could read it in their energy that they were good lookers


And looking

While I was playing in finders energy 👸

What are you looking for you’ve grown so used to looking you can’t pivot to the energetic signature of being a finder? ✨

What have you been looking for your whole life that if you found it all of a sudden you’d have to grieve a bit and then, throw a bad ass party because you’ve made it ? ✨

I’m an expert at getting my girls from lookers to finders because they can’t hide nothing from me. The level of vulnerability and heart in my sisterhood is something I live for.

I love reading energy and it includes subconscious blocks and sneaky archetypes out to ruin a good winning streak.   When you subscribe you'll get prems when it comes to knowing when I'm going live next inside our FB group or on zoom. 

Ready to find your clients and stop looking? 
In 4-6 weeks you'll be so good at finding, you'll ditch needing to look again. 

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We start 01/23/23! 8 weeks of Sales Money Magic with 1:1 RTT for visibility and receiving. 


By desiring more, women will help the world heal. 

It's through our desires that all creations exists. The Quantum Field can't resist the desire from an awakened heart. 

I'll be sending special divine messages, audios, trainings to uplift you and keep you connected vertically. 

Special hypnosis audios, healing audios with angels and much more. 

see you in your inbox and live on FB. 

Welcome to the 5 D Sisterhood! Let's use our Magic! 
(check your email for a little something something from 

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