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Becoming your Highest Archetype

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Great question! 

with the Healing Wheel and the energy healing you'll learn, you'll be able to think of a stressful situation and 'align' back to the vibe and the wisdom of your highest archetype. 

do you know why that's worth golds and diamonds?

For the stressful situation to change, you first need to change your vibe and clear the feelings. 

That guarantees the situation improves each and every time. I have seen it work for moms whom all of a sudden got an abusive ex to finally pay child support or unexpected bonuses or other upgrades. 


How to get started:

Feel the feeling of having approval, and then control and then safety, and get used to the energetic signature of what that feels like. 

And when you are off that alignment, you'll notice it more quickly and use the Healing Wheel to bring you back. 

Over time, your 'come back rate' (the rate at which you let go and go back to remembering you are safe, loved and in control) will come back faster. 

Alixe K. Tracey

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I started working with the angelic realm in 2008 and realized connecting to the light, vertically, could reduce stress and anxiety, would increase intuitive awareness, and would release dense emotional blocks. 

A happier woman with a happier vibe is always better at calling things into her life. 

I channeled this aura brightener when I was actively teaching intuition development courses in Las Vegas and in Europe. 

Save it on your phone and use it for repeat trips up and through the cleansing white light. 

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