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In business, I don't do 3D unless I've done 5D. 

Unless I aligned with it energetically, unless I'm creating as a response to an idea, I don't do it. 

the last program you'll ever need to feel and shine like the confident healer you came here to be.


there’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing an RTT sister sell a pay in full package!


then she says;

you told us it was going to be this easy and it went exactly as you said.

she just paid in full

she gave me her credit card over the phone

and she’s a dream client!

I can’t believe it.


they don’t call me a fairy god mother for nothing. 

In 8 weeks we  tackle the 8 pillars to create 5D magic for 3 D results.

Let me explain. 

it's a course on money and selling packages with ease through feminine energetics and somatic kinestic nervous system regulation to handle the wins coming in. 

identity work

subcnoscious archetyep work

ping pong community 

you wanted their approval so you stopped pushing on the gas pedal 

it's normal

it's very deceiving. 

they look truly like they could fill up you rjar of approval and security

it sure looks like it when you feel that warm loving embrace

when someone's there for you when you're sad

when mom calls wondering how you are


pretty much you stop shooting yourself in the foot and start to call in and trust magic. 

to trusting magic and divine intervention again. 

And you are in the sisterhood for another 8 weeks of ping pong magic. 

Time to ditch boring

and grab your crown and wings

your life is about to get a whole lot more exciting. 

like... you're 18 and you finally have your car and you're now actually allowed to do anything you want anytime you want

only this time

your joy is your magnet  to getting everything you've ever wanted

and your brilliant mind is on board to let you have it all ! 

(yes even if you're married with little ones, this is for you!) 

What will you have today Miss? 
oh this...and that... and everything please!


Of course

Can you hold it in the quantum field and STOP LOOKING FOR IT?

What do you mean?

You know. Trust. Once you've put it in your cart, the universe is bringing it to you and you just need to chill and let it come to you. 

Oh... midnight has struck. 

The princess is back feeling like a poor maid, and now the dream has faded. 

Was it ever real?

Fuck yes it was real. 

As real as Brad Pitt baby. 

brad pitt.jpeg


...hanging out, quite innocently, at a Hay House conference in LA and receiving a channeled message being told to delay your flight and a week later (because you listened to the divine guidance) meeting this handsome man at his premiere on the red carpet…

While Jolie waited!!!

HOW does something like this even happen???

Divine freaking intervention! 

But also... 

Holding the vibe that anything is possible. 

I dreamt of meeting all of Hollywood. 

And pretty much did. 

From Leonardo to Bruce Willis and countless amazing others. They felt like absolute family to me. 

I needed to do this for one thing:
I needed to pierce the veil. 

I need to prove it to myself that if I held onto a vision, 

took it to the gym, 

felt it in my heart, 

it would have to manifest. 

I have been using and teaching this same concept, albeit with some subconscious magic, to help my wonderful RTT sisters stop selling sessions, and start selling packages.  

Introducing Divine Woman, so you never have to feel heartbroken your life doesn't look as magical as you know it should. 


But first, let's be honest... 

when the dishes need to get done
when the emails are still unsent
when the business feels so 3D that all the sparkles
are on the floor
looking like yet another fudging thing you need to do

you give up and go back pretending you're a boring helpless human don't you? 

Time to bring in Mary Poppins, isn't?
your biz was not meant to feel heavy or 3D
it was always meant to be an extension of how magical you truly are

it was meant to be the thing through which all of life freaking blessed you
it was meant to be magic money fun! 

If your business feels boring, looks boring
it’s not plugged into your quantum heart 
it’s plugged into your 3D human heart which most often has stories of heartbreaks and generational trauma
and it's full of doubts
and probably a bit of helplessness, you're stuck believing it's true (no matter what I do, it never works!) 

Yes, it’s all true.
If you wanted, you could find evidence for any sad story to be true.
I know.
I'm an expert at finding reasons to stay a financial victim as a single mom. I could milk single mom victimhood for ever (never mind my son is no longer a toddler!)

Come on what's your current "I can't take on more clients excuse?"
The kids are too young?
I'll be a terrible mom if I have more clients?
I'll lose love and fun and my husband will hate me 

None of this is the truth.
It feels like the truth.
But it's not.
It's a projection of your fears.

It's your mind creating it and most likely,
it's coming from the Drama Witch
You know
The one who just can't see
can't believe
how YOU could ever be successful
At anything.
She's like the internalized voice of your worst bully
living in YOUR head 

And you, being the nice woman that you are, are letting her.
And the worst part!
It's costing you all of your magic.

One happy magical thought
and boom, she comes to erase it with a mountain of evidence (in her annoying snippy voice) You can't do this. You Don't Know How!!

That's her ask you
" are you going to do this?"
looking you up and down...
she just won.

Because your mind does not know 'how'.
It can't know how.
Because the dream came from your heart,
not your mind.

Can we internet pinkie swear please?
In my world, through my Happy Map system, my ping pong sisterhood, you never ever need to know 'how' for your dreams to come true. You just got to believe it would. 

Let's show the Drama Witch who you really are so she can get out of your subconscious mind where she still has far too much power over you!

In week 1 of Divine Woman we set you up with life long tools you can use for ever I like to call The Guardian.  The Guardian is the one who protects the dreams of your inner child, your most powerful creative force from the mean critical voices - 

you'll learn how to call in and install this energetic gatekeeper so your 5D visions have time to land in your 3 D life. 

You'll learn how to recognize the voices of the Drama Witches and many others and you'll be able to decode them out of the way through kinesthetic releasing exercises.

Because it’s in the vibration of the heart.

That the impossible dreams become possible.

It's time to show the world how truly magical you are.

Divine Woman - 8 weeks of RTT Magic and Energy Codes to Kinesthetically detox out the financial victim and other drama witches to allow for wonderful aligned sales to happen with ease (and magic, but don't tell the muggles)

Goodbye Sticky Recurring Emotions 


When she feels hurt or cheated on, The Divine Woman knows it's all happening for her, so she finds answers and solutions quickly. 

She changes within so the outer world reflects who she is becoming. 

A divine woman, takes what she gets and turns it into gold. 

When her bike gets a flat tire on the way to meet friends down in Costa Rica, and the phone doesn't work and she's lost and she has to walk in the heat, she listens for guidance... 

Should I still go meet my friends?
no, she hears. 

Go swim in the river, 

then keep on walking.


She lands at an hostel by the beach and meets this beautiful human

and goes on to have one of the best weeks of her life with him in Costa Rica. 

mark and vic.HEIC

Mark is the one who took the picture of the Divine Woman in Uvita that night we met.  How random is that! I mean, you can't plan those moments, they happen when we are willing to tune into something greater than all of us. 

If she did it, so can I! 

Meiling, a mom with a salary, had an unexpected six figure bonus + more ease with money after using the exact same step-by-step system and spiritual tools I'm going to share with you inside The Divine Woman. 

meiling win.jpeg
Jill Magical Powers.png


...feeling guided to stop working and head to the spa instead (because you've been working too hard as CEO), and while you're there, because you stepped out of the office, you meet some lovely clients?

That's what happened to Jill for her business (Chasing Atlas). 


Can life really get easier?

You manifest every moment of every day based on who you think you are and who you were told you were. 

So often we were told who we are not


Divine, is most definitely who we are


Our deepest most sticky conditioning*

hides behind our most persistent recurring feelings.

So in Divine here's what we will do together. 

Divine Woman

Module 2: 

Solutions are High

when Emotions are Low

In the first 2 weeks, we focus on where you are still 'holding on' trying to fix 'the broken sink' yourself.  We do a deep heart chakra clearing and connect you to the Light to activate your Genius. 

Coding your cells and your mind how to pivot to a more released, flowing safety feeling. 

This is the part where we energetically decondition old patterns to allow more room for The Divine Woman. 

You'll learn how to create your very own Safety + Approval Incubators for life. 

What if I have a lot of anxiety and ptsd? 

Yes you'll have access to a method to help you with PTSD and Trauma if the root of wanting control is embedded in trauma which it most often is. 

I'll show you how to pivot out of a low sticky recurring mood and feeling using my Happy Map System, my Healing Wheel and the 3 Jars Method. 

Robert Richman .jpg

"Alixe (Danielle Dove) is the real thing. I have worked with a lot of healers and she is very clearly connected. Alixe (Danielle Dove) is not only able to connect with angels and guides, she also clearly explains the process and ... I have had great results in a very short period of time working with her. " 

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 2.03.08 PM.png

(Danielle Dove is the spiritual name Alixe used for 7 years from 2009-2016)

Module 3:

From Looker to Finder

I was rollerblading a bit ago and saw a couple drive around from one parking to the next in looker mode.

They were looking for parking.

I asked my guides why I always found parking when I came here so easily and quickly while they were stuck in looking.

And I heard...

That’s because you’re a finder not a looker

They get in their car knowing and feeling they’re going to have to look so the universe gives them opportunities to be a looker.

And not finders

It was so true.

You could read it in their energy that they were good lookers


And looking

While I was playing in finders energy

What are you looking for you’ve grown so used to looking you can’t pivot to the energetic signature of being a finder?

What have you been looking for your whole life that if you found it all of a sudden you’d have to grieve a bit and then, throw a bad ass party because you’ve made it ?

I’m an expert at getting my girls from lookers to finders because they can’t hide nothing from me. The level of vulnerability and heart in my mastermind is something I live for.

I love reading energy and it includes subconscious blocks and sneaky archetypes out to ruin a good winning streak.

Whether you’re looking for the path to your next six figures or seven figures whether you’re looking for a path to selling your first pay in full package, Divine Woman inside my Made to Win Experience is starting again in November.

Jill recommendation.png

Module 4


Freedom Party

It's not that you have an intuition problem. 

You have an identity block. 

One of your archetype does not want the 2.0 YOU - the Intuitive Divine Woman, 

or the Artist, or the CEO, the Healer, to come forward. 

The victim, the hustler, the over giver want to keep living out their blueprint of making life difficult for you otherwise, well...they are out of a job. 

So week 4, you are introduced to your archetypes and you learn how to have Self Knowledge like you never have before. 

You'll meet the inner children that feel anxious around visibility and growth. 

And any other parts in the way of your goal.  

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 2.13.56 PM.png

Week 5

The Energetics of Sales 

Here we awaken your Sales Angel Heart and give you the step by step system to sell high end packages with ease.

Now that your mind is more quiet, you can call them in: 

The amazing aligned clients who can't wait to talk to you.

You'll know how to hld such a strong space for them to open up, that they'll do anything they can to work with you (as long as you are selling ethical transformation that works). 


Through my ping pong system, with the Sisterhood, you'll discover and heal success blocks until the money shows up (and it always does 99% of the time over 10 years of teaching this method to hundreds of wonderful clients). 

It works because we simply get your powerful subconscious on board with your vision. 

And the universe can't resits an awakened happy heart. 

Week 6 

Your 1.0 and 2.0 


22 pages of magic 

to keep getting to know her. 

The one who already has reached her goals. 

This is quantum leaping and collapsing time magic. 

Week 7 

Too sensitive they say?

How to use what you feel

to quantum leap 

Can we just become the most sensitive people we know who also happen to be the richest people we know?

Let's do it babe!

He kept saying how I'm too sensitive

and I gave him the look

If he only knew

My sensitivity is the reason I run a multiple six figure business (from the date I started it) with clients all over the world, while you make in a year what I make in a month!! 

my sensitive has made me very 


very rich 

and very very 


It's helped me know a lot about the matrix we live in and control the matrix through my senses. 

I know how to compound good feelings, understand and free up bad ones and recognize when a feeling isn't mine. 

Thank you very much. 

The gift of Clair-Sentience

I felt his sadness

I felt his loneliness

It makes me move towards him


Ask questions

I feel the fatigue

I feel the energy so I can get curious


We feel

Because we can heal

What we feel


Our sensitivity is a gift.

It might feel like a heavy burden:

  • When you come home feeling exhausted

  • When you take on everything from friends and family

  • When you don’t know what to do with how sensitive you feel

But once you know how to use your clair-sentience (clear feeling) you’ll make your life into something extraordinary, and everyone around you will feel absolutely alive. 


Divine will start with processing out low sticky recurring feelings. 

I'll show you how to use my healing wheel to turn things around from feeling heavy and '3D' back to feeling unlimited and free in minutes. 

How we feel


Turns into a prayer

An energetic prayer for more of the same.

Tools for the Divine Woman

Bonus #1:

sacred spaces ebook.jpeg

Super charge your intuitive abilities with spiritual rituals that amplify high vibrations. 
The higher the vibes in your home or while you're traveling, the easier you'll be able to tune into 'truths' and have clear visions for where your life is meant to go. 

Bonus #2: Voice, Visibility and Sales  

VVS 4 Video Series.png

This is probably the first and last time I'm going to be offering these bonuses because of the way the Divine Woman is set up, when you have access to those modules you also have access to the training videos I did on how to go about setting up a high end package, name it, sell it and how to do it on or off the phone (worth $2,222).


Very valuable content to finally sell packages to ideal clients.  

So far it's had 99% success rate for RTT sisters and healers. 

Bonus #3: Blast Through Success Blocks

archetype success magic vibe.png

Which one of your subconscious archetypes are in the way of your success with ease?
You'll find out so quickly and easily in this course. 

Also included, worth $2,222

Bonus #4:

Copy of Copy of intuition 1 (6).png
Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 3.02.36 PM.png

Natalie Ryan Hebert, PMDD Rent Tent and RTT practitioner

Recurring 5 figure months + Everything Came True!!! 

I worked with Alixe last year and I enjoyed every moment of our time together. I now consider her a friend.

Along with helping me with a massive bout of imposter syndrome which had me paralysed she also helped me to move through some blocks to receiving.

This was what I wrote as my wish before our work together:

  • "I would like to double my current income.

  • This allows me to afford one day off a week.

  • This allows me to afford a beautiful Tesla car, renovations on our house,

  • it allows us to build an outdoor wellness area in our garden with a hot tub, sauna and cold plunge bath/shower with decking.

  • It allows us to travel to Australia once a year if we want to, to enjoy lovely weekends away.

  • It allows me to put more away into my pension each month knowing I have plenty to retire on. It allows me to care for myself".

​Well… here I am less than a year later and EVERYTHING on that list has come true.
Alixe is intuitive and such a peaceful presence. She is naturally gifted for this work and has come through so much in her own journey developing many skills as a healer and therapist along the way.

I highly recommend Alixe to anyone looking to move through ceilings to success in business.


You book a 1:1 with Alixe right away as soon as you sign up. 

Then weekly powerful and magical group calls with hands on attention and surprises and downloads. 

Everyone gets 1:1 help during most calls, no exception. 

Plenty of Whatsapp messages and support in between calls. 

The results are always miraculous. 

And a really powerful online school called Made to Win for The Divine Woman, Divine Life, Divine Business (so you never have to feel lost, everything is online and easily accessible for you). 

  • Can Divine help me price my packages?
    Absolutely. You'll learn the system to release lurcking emotions around your prices and align with the perfect price you are ready to receive right now. My prices always come from this space beyond the mind, and aligned clients come in ready to buy at that level. Now I do other practices which help me align with receiving my prices which I teach in Expansion, the 3rd course in this serie.
  • What do I get as soon as I sign up?
    Instant access to the online modules, then 4 weeks of full goddess immersion with live calls and whatsapp support.
  • How much time should I devote to this?
    Divine is meant to feel good. Like a long massage. Like an incredible meditation where you come out feeling so loved, so worthy, so powerful. So truly you can devote 15-30 minutes a day plus the 90 minute live transmissions weekly. You can listen to one of the audios, practice the emotional healing exercises, pivoting out of a low vibe into a high vibe. I would imagine 30 minutes a day is a good ballpark to get started.
  • I am new to this spiritual work... is this for me?
    I always say: Come as you are, you are perfect! This work is going to awaken aspects of yourself that may have been dormant or not used. If you are already trained in the arts of energy and clairsentience, then you will receive more of what you need.
  • Will this help me clear up conditioning around my voice and visibility?
    So often we were told who we are not Divine is most definitely who we are Our deepest most sticky conditioning Hides behind our most persistent recurring feelings The low vibes ones The unhappy ones The ones that won’t go away truly permanently. These emotions tell a story - a very sticky recurring one. Divine will teach you how to recognize when you’re caught in a sticky recurring patterns and how to free yourself from it permanently. How to elevate out of it. If the stickiness is around visibility and using your voice, you'll be able to do this work for that as well.
  • Will you teach us prayers and affirmations? How to use our voice?
    Absolutely. Prayers and using the voice to create sacred spaces is absolutely part of this system I will teach you. You will learn how to - recognize a sticky recurring feeling - pivot and heal it both mentaly, emotionally and cellularly. - tune into a new story, voice it, believe it, align with it. One of my favorite prayer is: God what are my patterns right now... Keeping me stuck in energy that no longer match who I am and where I’m going? The divine awaits helping you every moment of every day. Are you tuned into it?
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    Does it feel right? Does it feel like a HECK YES! Does it feel sweet and soft? Is your mind saying 'no' while your body and heart is saying 'yes?'? If it's fear based, "I won't have time or I won't have the money..." I recommend praying about it so the truth comes up while you're on a walk... Here's a meditation and Prayer Rant I recorded that could help. Feeling into your 'authority' or intuition, knowingness :)
The divine Woman.JPG

About Alixe (Danielle Dove)

vic rock 2013.jpeg

Alixe (Danielle Dove), B.A., is a certified angel therapist practitioner®, intuitive healer and co-founded with Spirit Healing Dove Therapy.  As a channel for the angelic realm, she uses her clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognizant abilities to heal and restore her client’s chakras and belief system within the mind, all with the assistance of ascended masters and archangels. She reads soul blueprints, Akashic records and trance channel messages from Archangel Jophiel and other guides to awaken her brothers and sisters to their own blissful, divine missions.

She is originally from the South of France, where she grew up on a farm with all kinds of fun animals, including horses, ducks, pigs and cows. She moved to Southern California when she was 13 and earned her Bachelor from UCLA in Environmental Studies and Geography.


Due to 3 losses of her family members at a very young age, her curiosity for the mystical world and energy healing intensified and with curiosity came many answers. Through training and many years of practice, she has become a talented healer and teacher.


She released her first chakra clearing meditation Cd, Meditating with Angels in 2010, her certification manual in 2011 and another meditation album in 2012.  She currently lives in Las Vegas, the South of France and possibly soon Costa Rica with her son Hayden, two awesome cats and a lot of love. 

Her philosophy for life is to LOVE ALL, and SHINE BRIGHTLY.




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