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Your Voice, Empowered

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Would you like to 

be totally yourself speaking

in front of people 

on or off social media?

At work or on dates? 

Without that nagging


criticizing you,


on your best day? 

It usually sounds like this:

What if I suck and no one shows up?

What if I stay stuck in this job forever?

What if I never make it? 

What if I don't get there?

What if this course doesn't work for me?

What if I can't?

What if I'm not loveable? 


girl! let's turn those around :) 

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Worrying about what other people

will think justifies

hiding and playing small.

It justifies procrastinating

and never taking those steps

to create change.  

We avoid things such as 

social media or sending emails

or insert the task you're most afraid to 

do consistently

Do you feel you're living under

the heavy blanket

of a negative mean old witch?

Does she show up before an interview?

Going live on social media? 

or before talking to an important client? 

Berating you and making you feel


a. you don't know enough

b. you're too ____ or not enough ____

c. who do you think you are?

If I could reach through the computer screen

and kick her out of your life, 

I would. 

Only, I can't. 

So instead, I have a magical 

spell to give her the bat. 

Or them. 

All the mean inner critics. 

the internal bullies, 

saboteurs and more. 

And if you're dating, 

do the negative nellies show up

at every phone notifications

or lack thereof?

you haven’t lost the battle

and it’s not too late

there’s still time to have your best decade ever!

What if... 


you could finally

take action

no matter what they think of you?

 Without the 

inner critical voice

on or off social media? 

What if you felt totally safe

speaking and being seen?

What if you could be

your loveable self

around that critical

family member

or a new attractive stranger?

Here's the thing sister!

You absolutely can

unplug from sticky

recurring negative


and stop feeling

like you're stuck living

under a heavy blanket.

I'm offering a never-before opportunity:

I'm sharing video training

never released before

where you'll see how I use

this specific Clearing Statement

to do energy healing 

and rewire someone 



and emotionally. 

This clearing statement

 re-activates the power of your voice

to delete sticky recurring negative what-ifs up.

So they don't even have time

to take root 

in your beautiful heart

and swing you into

doubt and fear. 

and most freaking importantly - 

it obliterates

all those negative


from continuing to come true 

in your life.

Week 3 Day 1 (1).png

Did you know

Energy responds to our verbal commands? 

And Energy is what life uses to create upcoming realities (yes that includes dates and clients).


But we were not taught that our voice matters. 

At school, we were told most often to be quiet.

At home, we were told most often to be seen but not heard.

Internally we shut down one of the most powerful tools at our disposal: 

The power of the throat chakra. 

The good thing is we all still have it and it can still be used to create greater confidence when you speak and to help you at work with clients. 

When we get caught up

in another anxiety ridden


of negative nellies and low vibing Archetypes

it's because we lack knowing how to unplug from and delete the energies

we've absorbed  

a long time ago. 


the doubts you feel 

in yourself, 

they are familiar, right?

They come from way back. 

Do you know what can clear up those sticky energies and patterns?

the power of your voice

(used in a positive way). 

When I was going through my spiritual awakening back in Los Angeles when I was in my early 20s, I was guided to take a lot of theater - Shakespeare to be more exact. I learned firsthand the power of the voice and how to captivate an entire audience through the spoken word.


I later became an energy magician using my voice to pull light into my client's energy centers and aura which helped them brighten up and feel so much better.


Now I use my voice to conduct group healing sessions because I see that energy responds to our thoughts and our voice. No matter where my clients are in the world, the healing can happen because I speak it into being. 

If you tell a chakra to open up and receive the light, it does it. I can see it and my clients can sense it if they don't see energy yet.


If I command an entire room of people to breathe in the light and connect to the light, everyone does it, even if they are lawyers, doctors, and police officers.

Pretty much, the moment you reclaim the power of your voice, there's no going back.

I have to warn you

It's addictive to see how fast

things turn up

after your 

throat chakra

is back on! 












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  • it can also help your clients respond better to your voice and what you tell them - thus they could get better results (if you are a therapist, coach, or a healer). 

  • Reclaiming the power of your voice means you'll be able to delete old patterns and blocks daily quickly...

  • and command a new powerful truth instead, allowing you to be better at calling things in and manifesting them. 

  • You'll be able to write intentions that manifest that much faster. 

blue rocks.png
Extraordinary woman, the world needs your love and light, not your sweat and tears. 
If life could be easier using the power of your throat chakra, could you allow yourself to receive it? 
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A true story... 


I fully truly understood this truth when I was going through my intuition training in Hawaii (on Kona) and during our lunch break by the pool, I felt this strong pull to walk to the cliffs and look out at the ocean.  I was feeling torn between doing my spiritual work and also being in a romantic relationship. So when my soul sister Taylor joined me on the cliff, I grabbed her hand and I declared loud and clear:

We can be in relationships and excel!!!


In that instant half, a mile out in the water a dolphin jumped straight out of the water towards the sky in a vertical line.


And to make sure I saw him, the dolphin swims in and out of the water directly towards the cliff and stops right below us.


The tourists around the resort heard us screaming in joy and asked if we called the dolphin forward.


I became a full-time energy healer and channel for the angelic realm at that moment and 12 years later I'm still doing my best to help awaken my sisters to their innate magic.

I'm proud to say Taylor has written a wonderful book and has become a beautiful Priestess, leading retreats in the UK and found her King she married in Hawaii.  I went on to have my baby boy with a wonderful man I spiritually married at Notre Dame in 2011.  We both got to be in relationships and continued to do our spiritual work at the same time. 

How can we make your life
using the power of your voice?


it's a jungle out there. 

Whether you're single and dating, 

Whether you're coming on Facebook Live to talk about what you do, 

you need a fear zapping wand to obliterate those

old doubting toms and nagging nellies so you can show up from a place of feeling connected and all loving. 

While I was going through a difficult time a few years ago, the angelic realm gave me a powerful clearing statement for myself that I shared in a mastermind I was leading at the time called Voice and Visibility.


It is a powerful clearing statement that makes certain very sticky recurring limiting beliefs and feelings we picked up when we were going through life as innocent children into 'untruths' so the mind stops making those beliefs true over and over again (I explain more about this in the video above. 


When our intuition says: go do this! It's your life purpose, usually, the mind comes in with a

but ...

I would like to train in this - but what if doesn't work for me.

I would like to start a new career but what if it's not right for me? 

I would like to date this person, but what if they leave me? 

That energy of "I want it but it's not for me" messes up our intuition and we can make poor unprofitable choices in that place.

Can you tell these negative what-ifs come from an energy the person took in at some point and made true?

The Relationship Negative What If Syndrome: 

what if he loves me and leaves me?

what if he's just like the previous one?

what if I get hurt?

what if this doesn't work?

Girl when we let those thoughts run wild they become wishes and program our experience with the person. 


So how do we clear these energies out?

You can name the source of those negative voices

Name and free the sabotaging archetype

and you can 

You can channel light through your body

You can unplug from the patterns

You can use the clearing statement

to make these energies

and all associated beliefs

into untruths

What you'll learn:

1. Channel light through your body by connecting to the light vertically (I'll show you how to do this).

2. Speak the Clearing statement for the particular negative fear. 

3. Energetically pull your energy back from the patterns, blocks, and emotions. 

4. Keep channeling light and repeat steps 1-3 until a high vibe thought comes through you. 


I teach many ways to delete old redundant and outdated energies/beliefs and the key is to get started.

For 2021 to be magical, you've got to take the beliefs that made 2020 difficult for you and uncreate them and unplug from them.


Now why start with the clearing statement?
It's honestly the easiest tool to use.

You don't need to be intuitive,

You don't need to go on a vegan diet in order to feel more sensitive to energies. 

You don't need to know how to channel light or meditate for hours.

You just got to be willing to change and release some old energies. 

All you need is the internet to stream the videos where I'll teach you the process and a pen and paper (or a computer where you can type up negative beliefs and copy/paste the clearing statement and then read it out loud).


It deletes the root cause of a block on all levels.

Across generations, past lives, and future lives.

It deletes it across all languages.

Get Started Today!


The Clearing statement
Week 3 Day 1 (3).png

As soon as you sign up, you'll have access to 

1. How to use the Clearing Statement GuideBook

2. 4 - 90 minute Voice and Visibility Video Training which contains over 100 examples of how to use the clearing statement for different blocks and beliefs which previous clients have used to manifest amazing outcomes. You'll be able to follow along and see how I walk someone through the 4 step process.  

3. A LIVE VIP zoom party special for the first 10 people who sign up. We will do clearings live together in a private zoom room on your most sticky recurring blocks. 

Robert Richman .jpg

Alixe Kathleen Tracey is the real thing. 

I have worked with a lot of healers and she is very clearly connected. Alixe is not only able to connect with angels and guides, but she also clearly explains the process and she is very open to directing the session in a way that is most helpful to a client. 

I have had great results in a very short period of time working with her.  I highly recommend working with her. 

Robert Richman, Keynote speaker

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