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"Blast through Success Blocks"  LiveStream 

Decrease Anxiety, Increase Profit

  • Day 1: Boost Focus

  • Day 2: Blast Success Blocks

  • Day 3: Decrease Anxiety down to 0/10

  • Day 4: Increase Profitability Awareness

  • Day 5: Q&A and Energy Readings

  • Day 1: Boost Focus

    • Add this ONE KEY habit to get your mind on board with your goals and Stop fatigue and overwhelm and procrastination so you can make tangible progress quickly. ​

  • Day 2: Blast Success Blocks 

    • Understanding is power babe and understanding in hypnosis is absolute freedom.  Experience a guided hypnosis meditation to blast stubborn success blocks ($444 value). 

  • Day 3: Energy Heal Anxiety 

    • Once your subconscious mind knows you are in charge and choosing to find and declutter limiting beliefs, you can now command your cells to release their old friend, anxiety, and fear. I'll show you how to do that with energy healing. 

Day 4: Boost Profitability Awareness

  • We will activate your superpower to have total and absolute awareness about upcoming projects being profitable or not. You'll be able to 'try on' an idea to get immediate feedback. 

  • Day 5: Q&A and Readings

    • I'll use my 13 years of reading energy to read any blocks and answer any questions you have. 

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About your host, Alixe Kathleen Tracey

As a Success Block Buster and my 13th year in business as an energy healer and business psychic, I work 1:1 with badass spiritual business women to find and fire the deep roots of their success sabotages quickly and efficiently using a framework that's been proven with hundreds of women over a decade. 

I currently live in the South of France with my son Hayden and our 3 egg-laying hens we got before the quarantine. We live near the beach, where I love catching sunrises and sunsets and practicing yoga and meditation.

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