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Need help? Contact Support:

+1(702) 291.8884

The only place where I laser read your energy weekly in a private group and offer kinesthetic adjustments. 



If anything is stuck, together we'll pinpoint it quickly so you can be on your way to manifesting with greater ease and flow. 

(see the success stories from my previous clients below)

I'll give you weekly super clear messages to make sure you're listening to the Highest Vibe Archetype and not a low victimizing archetype. 

Includes energy healing session 

and discounts on my 1:1 private sessions. 

I see, read, and hear all energies in seconds. 


It IS for you if: 

You KNOW there's more to you than meet the eye

but you can’t quite put your finger on it

you KNOW you have chakras and you should probably clean them

or activate them or 

whatever it is that spiritual woo woo people say you should do

but again

WHERE do you even begin?


You wish you were more efficient at using your potential

you can feel it

it’s right there

so close

and yet

it feels like a mountain to climb.


Girl, You are absolutely right. 

There is so much more to you than you are currently tapping into. 


And you know it. I know it. We all know it.

The only part you're wrong about is the mountain.

For 13 years I have turned that mountain

into a molehill for women

(and yes men, I know you're there)

who just like you

were itching to remember who they really were.

Beyond every day

routine of having to do as they felt obligated to do

they wanted to break free

and discover this power within. 

so they came to my earth angels in training parties. 

and discovered their wings

their healing abilities

and their intuition. 


And sort of never looked back. 

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It IS true.

There really is a magical part inside you.

You really do have wings

You really have superpowers. 

And now would be a good time to tap into them

with all the crazy happening

I think it's time to 

STOP pretending

you're just human


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Meditating with Angels

My first meditation album released in 2010. 

Let's also talk about the parts that make us all very human. 



sticky recurring feelings 

like anger






I know. 

Wishing you didn’t feel so reactive to people and situations?

I know.

It sucks to feel triggered at the most unexpected freaking time just when you were having a good day! 

I lived most of my life with triggers, constant triggers until I realized they were messengers. 


I know

Looks like the emotional body never figured out how to send text messages

or email

email would be nice

not screaming or sobbing uncontrollably in the car

or on the way to work - like - when I totally forgot to put on waterproof mascara. 

My personal triggers 

You see not too long again I was so shy I couldn’t even dial someone’s phone to talk to them. 

I took theater and voice coaching in order to get over my thick French accent.

I felt so inadequate and never good enough to be loved or to be seen so I spent days (weeks) hiding in my apartment (It is still a huge effort to get out there and be visible but I figured out how to do it that works with ease). 


Something happened. 

I had a kundalini rising experience (which pretty much means I got woken up)

It was in Los Angeles at an event where we have to sit all day on the floor chanting and meditating with our legs crisscrossed apple sauce and the next thing I knew I could read chakras, see auras, and channel divine beings.  Don't worry I have been raising my son solo for 9 years and he's still alive ;)  It's not all that cray-cray. 


I came to realize soon after, that I always could and always had been doing this but didn't know what to call it. 

I needed someone to show me I could and it would be safe. 


Fast forward, my voice is now one of my healing superpowers and I have been a full-time healer for 13 years. 

And my life is pretty sweet... 

  • I live in the beautiful South of France either in Provence or by the water on the French Riviera. 

  • I self-published 5 ebooks

  • 2 meditation albums available on iTunes and amazon

  • I once manifested 22 clients in one week in Paris.

  • I call in clients anywhere I am in the world. 

  • I took my practice online 7 years ago and had no issues continuing to earn just as I always had. 

  • I had my first 5 figure weekend in 2011 when I was 9 months pregnant leading my first certification course at 27! 

  • I've had 5 figure sales repeatedly since.

  • and I had my first mastermind also hit 5 figures right away. 

  • And I manifested 6 figures 3 times without having to work for it (come on, it is the best when the universe just hands you money). 

Money, energy, solutions

it’s all really easy when you’re aligned.


The key though is alignment.

Not with anyone or anything.

But with your own superpower.


Ok, your superpower is not some mysterious thing you need to go find somewhere. 

I've had clients with a full-time salary job manifest unexpected five-figure bonuses, connect to Christ and channel the light for their kiddos. 

They still got up the next day to go to their desk job and their wings didn't show. 

Only their kiddo was healthier and happier. 

You can do light work, manifest with ease, and still watch the super bowl, have sex, and shave your legs (maybe just change the order). 

and that we can only do when we've dealt with

bad boy number 1:



bad boy number 2


Which I'm about to explain (if you keep reading for 1000 more hours, just kidding) how you could break free from both forever. 

There is always a force trying to get your attention to help you align. 

Do you feel it?

The nagging discomfort. 

The irritation. 

The unhappiness?

Girl, that's your intuition trying to help you. 

Remember it doesn't have text messages or email so it uses your emotions or your body to talk to you. 

If you listen it backs off

If you don't 

the alarm gets louder. 

Until you get the messages any other way, that's what it does. 

And the sooner you retreat to treat your heart, the sooner you'll have freedom from triggers and other painful bodily messengers. 

So triggers I can easily show you how to get past them.

Now about the subconscious saboteurs. 


It's the inner voice who says:

  • give more

  • you're not enough

  • who do you think you are

  • you'll never make it

  • I'm so alone

  • no one loves me

  • I'll never make it

  • No one sees me

  • This launch is going to flop

  • I don't know what to do

  • I don't know what I'm doing. 

  • No one will pay this price! 

Each of these 'voices' isn't you. 



Sub-personalities who want to block you from achieving your dream, changing your life and becoming the person you would be proud of. 

And together, through weekly live calls on zoom and some powerful pre-recorded training videos, I'll show you how to have freedom for good and be a magnetic visible high vibe therapist, healer, coach. 

The only reason you're reading this page today is that I had a 1:1 chat with my saboteur (the romantic dreamer who doesn't want me to work but only love and play) and made him a very important promise.


Otherwise, I would have been cleaning the windows or headed to the beach ( never mind it’s February and it’s cold, I’d still find a reason NOT to work and NOT to launch). 


I only wrote this whole thing once.

I don’t need to figure out anything else.

Once I know, it works, it’s aligned and the beautiful ladies meant to be there with me show up every time. 


Trust me if you decide to join us in this training you won’t ever have to worry about getting your heart or your business hijacked by a low vibrational archetype ever again. 

we’re about to let the tide rise

it’s alignment time


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Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 11.40.32

Pay with a credit card below: 

> Weekly live group zoom calls starting the week of February 22nd  (Worth $444)

> Weekly alignment readings to make sure you're on track with your purpose. (Worth $444)

> 12 Keep Forever video training (Worth $6,000)

> a supportive sisterhood in a FB group. Priceless! 

One Low Monthly Price $444*

Cancel or Pause after the 2nd month

& Comeback when you need it

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What you get:

Weekly Energy Readings

1-2 video training per week

on either Emotion, Energy (intuition) and

Archetypes (Subconscious)

Peaceful Heart (4).png

Let’s get you out of the way of your superpower


1. Emotionally

2. Energetically

3. Subconsciously


So you can rise up and be a light in this world. 

I created a 3 Pillar framework to help my CEO clients and my more spiritual sisters (therapists and healers) overcome their limiting archetypes.


How would it feel if you could emotionally get past sticky recurring emotions and yes triggering family members (hello freedom!)? 

They’ll say that thing they always say and you’ll just smile and won’t even feel the usual rush of mad anger or whatever you normally feel. 

If you feel triggered at home all alone or in your car about a "negative what if", you'll know what to do and will have your Freedom Magic Sheet (a very handy dandy tool). 

You'll have 4 Training Videos to have Trigger Freedom Forever + Live Weekly Calls with me in a group. 

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you’ll energetically know how to clear your aura and if anyone’s sticky vibe is on you

See and Clear your chakras

Work with your intuition

Stop feeling heavy for good

You'll have On The Go Mp3s to clear your energy body anytime anywhere. 

 You'll learn how to keep your vibe at a high place where most things manifest with greater ease. 

mwa testimonial.png

Bonus #1 (Worth $1200)

12 Guided angel 'Light Filled' meditations to super-boost your intuition. 

Bonus #2 

The 3 Jars Meditation (Priceless!)

Trust the universe is always filling up your 3 jars every day which contains your need for approval, control, and security. 


Subconscious Saboteurs

and you’ll know how to interview your different subconscious archetypes to get them to stop sabotaging your progress and your flow (once you know how to do this, you’ll be able to do it for every area of your life). 


Pretty much you are about to get massively upgraded so being your true self

without the imposter syndromes

the procrastinator

the wounded inner child

the judge

the doubter

hijacking your heart and mind. 

What you’ll be able to achieve without all of that in the way!?


Absolute flipping ALIGNED Magic. 

And by the time you're done

you still will shave your legs, have sex and be able to watch the super bowl. 

No one will know. 

But we will. 

We'll know you woke up and your light is shining more brightly. 


Bonus Video Trainings: 

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Bonuses: (Worth $50)

Root Chakra Meditation Album

and Meditating with Angels

root hcakra wide.jpg
  • Get better sleep than you ever have before

  • Cleans up rooms of low energies even when you aren't there

  • Helps you feel more connected all day long

  • Cleans up chakras of adults, children and even pets

Uplifting Angelic Guidance

"This is such an amazing CD! I have experienced Alixe's live meditations and this is just as magical and healing. My life has changed tremendously in the past year, creating much uncertainty that really affected my first chakra with much fear. As I rebuild my foundation, this Root Chakra Meditation really helped to connect me back with Love, Mother Earth, and the Safety of the Angels and Spirit. Thank you Alixe for your uplifting Angelic guidance and light!

Chritina Amb. Las Vegas NV USA

Jen Parr.png

> Weekly live group zoom calls starting the week of February 22nd  (Worth $444)

> Weekly alignment readings to make sure you're on track with your purpose. (Worth $444)

> 12 Keep Forever video training (Worth $6,000)

> a supportive sisterhood in a FB group. Priceless! 

One Low Monthly Price $444*

Cancel or Pause after the 2nd month

& Comeback when you need it

  Secure Order Form - 100% Protected and Safe


If you are unhappy for absolutely ANY reason at all you will get a full refund within 24 hours.

"Couldn't be happier with my purchase"

I wanted to let you know that I bought your meditation cd and I have never listened to a meditation quite like yours. I felt like I had taken a trip to heaven for an hour! It was amazing and I cannot wait to listen to it everyday! 

- Ann Z, Santa Barbara, CA 

Robert Richman .jpg

Alixe Kathleen Tracey is the real thing. 

I have worked with a lot of healers and she is very clearly connected. Alixe is not only able to connect with angels and guides, but she also clearly explains the process and she is very open to direct the session in a way that is most helpful to a client. 

I have had great results in a very short period of time working with her.  I highly recommend working with her. 

Robert Richman, Keynote speaker


What if I can't attend the live calls?

Alixe always does her best to accommodate time zones for everyone or she will add calls to make sure it is possible for everyone attend weekly. 


Will the calls be recorded?
yes, they will also be inside the FB group so you can watch them right away. 


Testimonials and success stories are accurate and true for various programs and 1:1 packages Alixe K. Tracey has offered. Results vary upon participation and many other factors and success cannot be guaranteed. 

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