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There’s a powerful portal this week on 11/11 and it’s going to be hot with transformative juju.

If you feel pinned to the wall with old energies that just won’t budge.

If you have been triggered by the same sh*t that won’t go away,

You have been chosen by the universe to lead people (starting with yourself).

But you already knew that…

If the last few days and the ones coming up are particularly…triggering...

You’re about to do some big things in the world.

And the size of your trigger is equal to the size of your mission:

So buckle up!

Come Un-Zoombie your energy with us on 11/11!!

Some reactions and triggers are so old they literally make you do stuff you can’t believe you’re still doing, saying, or feeling.

Like really?


I’m still doing this old thing? I’m still feeling angry over this? I don’t want to feel angry about this!  
(Or triggered, or reactive, or anxious...)

Upgrade me, please!  

This live masterclass is this week on 11/11 2021 so you can surf the magical wave of this portal opening on 11.11 all the way through the end of 2021 ON the side of magic and NOT on the side of what feels like very persistent sticky villains. 

Together on zoom, I'll show you how to process through and out the old sticky 'zombies' so they stop being so persistent every day, week, or month.

It will be at 11:11 am PST on 11/11 (keep the replay forever) 
and we will go as long as we need to until everyone feels complete with the codes, clearings, and calibrations. 

It’s a party!

Register today to get the zoom link. 

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