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Extraordinary women sabotage success, usually as they reach an upper limit, for a specific reason: 

it makes them go back to what’s familiar - to what they know: 

Struggling and having to prove themselves.

And if we’re being really honest here, it’s most often to ‘prove them wrong’ about her 😉

Sound familiar?


Let’s ditch that non sense and make your next level even more familiar than that-merry-go-round you've known most of your life.

Because in truth, you do deserve that Next Level of recognition and creativity and flow. 

You deserve it now. Even if internal parts are fighting hard to keep you from having it. 

Using my tools and systems, women in my world, get off the merry go round (ok roller coaster is more like it) and go on to activate and embody 

La  Femme Divine

The Divine Woman. 

While our wounds make us stronger, it is our surrendering, our humility, our moments of stillness, of pausing and praying that actually lead to the greatest lasting strength.


I wish everyone can feel the certainty that comes from letting go.

Because if holding on and trying harder hasn’t given you what you’ve been seeking to find,

perhaps it’s about letting go and taking your hands off the wheel long enough to put them both on your heart center and trust. 💚

Apply to see if my 1:1 is the right fit for you at this time.

During this complimentary call,  we’ll pin point exactly what patterns, memorized emotions (yes those sticky emotional waves) get in the way of your laser focused intuition, and the system needed to make your next big move a very normal accessible one (I might reference your Human Design Chart as well).


Once we get your energy back, focused on Embodying La Femme Divine,

having her best decade ever,

there's nothing you won't be able to be, do or have. 

I’ll laser read your past energies still clinging to you,

your present beliefs blocking the better future from merging in with your heart now

and look at where you have some blocked channels in your chart and energy field. 

There are an unlimited amounts of true energetic Pivots available to you, 

and once someone shows you what these pivots are, you'll be set free from the hamster wheel furever.  

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How to make BIG leaps in your business QUICKLY without getting in your own way.

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"Alixe is the real thing."


I have worked with a lot of healers and she is very clearly connected. She is not only able to connect with angels and guides, she also clearly explains the process and is very open to directing the session in the way that is most helpful to the client. 

I have had great results in a very short period of time as a result of working with her.

This deep healing can be a traumatic process but Alixe is able to facilitate it with such peace and connection that it's actually a joy.


I highly recommend working with her.

Robert Richman,

Keynote Speaker,

Culture Architect

& Mindvalley Speaker

  La Femme DivineMentorship
with Alixe K. Tracey includes: 

Individual 1:1 sessions

Access to LIVE High Vibe Sisterhood

Trainings to master and deepen your expertise of the system + tools 

A super supportive sisterhood on Whatsapp with valuable support and manifesting magic to hold the new identity and energies throughout your launches. 

Back Pocket "Psychic Sales Coach"  

On your favorite messaging app so you can have valuable mindset shifts before those important work calls and meetings.

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"But Alixe, I can't be a divine woman 24/7! I'm human!"

You only need to be divine to access your intuition and make profitable decisions.
It's about having a choice to unravel a PTSD reaction to soften into a deeper truth. 

Alixe has developed a step by step system so you don't let your nervous system make the decisions for you :)

Because when you let your nervous system do the responding for you... you're not channeling
your wisest self ;) I mean, none of us are. 😳

So it's normal if, during one of those triggering situations, you feel more 👿 and less 😇
- asking your mom for something 🙄
- having to deal with an 1-800 number. 😅
- or when you feel immense pressure to "implement more" 😵‍💫 💚

Your good old friend, the reptilian brain kicks in
and it's back to familiar territory of being defensive, freezing or numbing out on the coach. 

So! Instead of letting your nervous system respond, you have a system that does the responding for you!

This system is taught inside Radical Intuition - the micro shifts to profitable certainty, 
included with any 1:1 packages.

Can I purchase Radical Intuition separately?
Yes email or DM Alixe on the socials for more details. 


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