Did you know we could clear the energy of fear and shift into courageousness and productivity in business? It saved me in my business, I could never have been visible otherwise. As a sensitive multi-clair intuitive I dreaded being visible.  

Come sample my energy healing and see if it too can help you like it has others shift from fear into courageousness, clarity and focus. 

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Alixe K. Tracey

Alixe K. Tracey shows women hungry for a change how to successfully make the leap from an unfulfilling job and life to create profitable, joyful businesses all by using energy healing and clearing out their 3 main fears in life and business. 


Using her unique ability to read energies, chakras and subconscious blocks, she has reversed engineered success for CEOs, business leaders and visionaries in many fields by aligning their energy to embrace and manifest their visions. 


As a result of using her energy clearing toolkit, women  (and men!) have launched with ease, flow and profit without losing their shirt, sanity or smile. 

Energy Healer for Growth and Profit

11+ Years of Professional Experience.

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What People Say

"You can fix even what someone might think is unfixable." 

Jaci Elliot, UK

Receive weekly empowering messages with new energy healing MP3s for growth and profit. 

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