Hi Extraorindary Woman

This 12-minute aura brightener

is for you

if you pick up other people's energies 

and tend to feel their emotions thinking they are your own and if you want to shield your energy 

from what's going on in the world 

at the moment. 

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I started working with the angelic realm in 2008 and realized connecting to the light, vertically, could reduce stress and anxiety, would increase intuitive awareness, and would release dense emotional blocks. 

A happier woman with a happier vibe is always better at calling things into her life. 

I channeled this aura brightener when I was actively teaching intuition development courses in Las Vegas and in Europe. 

Save it on your phone and use it for repeat trips up and through the cleansing white light. 

Alixe Kathleen Tracey

Hi sisters!

Have you thought to connect to the light today?


And pull the energy down into your chakras and your aura?

Connecting to the light,


has saved me over and over again.

Because I'm ultra-sensitive to what others feel around me.

Because I need to 'go home' where the energy is lighter than on the planet.

Because we are all a soul in a body and 'light' is food for our soul.

It gives me more energy.

It cleanses my body of low vibes and emotions I may have picked up.

It's a fun way to change my energy by 'plugging' into a higher consciousness.

When we connect to a higher energy it creates a calmer, quieter mind.

Try it today!

In this Aura Brightener, I guide you through an exercise to clear your energy up and down and finally shield it with Archangel Michael.

Save it to your phone for repeat - on the go - listening or before you start your day.

You deserve to do life from the highest vibe possible.


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